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Believe it or not, many, many people use the in-correct type of cleansers. I can’t tell you how many times I have had someone tell me that they have used the same exact cleanser for 20 years. Usually those that tell me that are cleansing their face with cold cream (yuck), or some acne cleanser when they don’t have that anymore. So, here is some cleanser education for you.

How To Wash Your Face

First off, don’t be cleanser happy- washing your face twice a day, morning and night, (with the exception of after a workout or something where you will get sweaty) is sufficient. Before you cleanse, make sure to remove your eye-makeup with a remover; you really want to make sure your mascara is completely off at the end of the night. Next, dampen your face with a little warm water and apply your cleanser with a gentle, massaging motion. Using warm water opens up your pores, allowing the cleanser to go deeper into your skin, which helps your other products absorb better. Once your skin is clean, pat it down with a clean wash-cloth and finish your skincare routine.

Change It Up For The Season And Your Age

Your skin changes throughout the seasons of the year, and as the years go by. So pay attention to your skin. If something worked last year, it doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you skin this year. For me, I use a gentle cream cleanser during the winter when my skin is more dry, and a cream foam cleanser in the summer when I  am more oily. I also only use an actual cleanser in the evening to take all of my makeup off, while in the morning I just simply splash with warm water or a cream cleanser.

What To Look For In A Cleanser and What To Avoid

I think it can be overwhelming when you are searching for a cleanser, there are so many choices! The main thing is that you want one that does not strip your skin dry or leave it feeling like you have a nasty residue left behind. It needs to be somewhere in the middle but still be able to take of your makeup, sunscreen and anything else that accumulated throughout your day.

It’s also important to look at the ingredient list and make sure you are avoiding harsh detergents like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, this can be very stripping to your skin. While it’s not bad in small quantities, if it’s at the top of an ingredient list, I would avoid it. In addition to that, when you are looking at ingredients, anything that is at the beginning of the list is what makes up most of the product. If your cleanser has some magical ingredient in it, but it’s at the very bottom of the list…you are not getting much of it at all and you pretty much just waisted your money.

Cleanser Types

Foaming  Cleansers– If you have dry skin and are using a foaming cleanser, now would be a good time to stop that. While it’s fun to suds up your face and make it squeaky clean, this option is best for someone who has a normal to oily or acneic complexion. For those of you that struggle with acne, using the right cleanser is essential. Look for one of these cleansing options that contains salicylic or benzoyl peroxide in its ingredient list. 

Non-Foaming Cleanser- This feel really similar to a lotion and is best for someone who has dry or sensitive skin. While I suggest this all the time to people with dry skin, it doesn’t do the best job in the cleansing department on the first go round. You need to wash a few times to get the grime off. It’s hard to get use to this option if you are used to a bubble bath on your face! But if you have dry skin and want to avoid gathering more fine lines and wrinkles that come from dehydration, this is a must.

Bar of Soap– I literally freak out (only on the inside…most of the time), when someone tells me they are washing their face with the same bar of soap they wash the rest of the body with. First off…gross. Second off, regular bars of soap have harsh detergents in them that strip your skin for all it’s worth, causing you to gather fine lines and wrinkles faster. There are some soap options though that are made specifically for your face, but because they still tend to be a bit harsh, it’s best to use this on someone who has oily skin.

Cream Cleanser– This is pretty much a cold cream and it completely grosses me out. It was more common back in the day when people piled on the makeup. It’s great to remove stage makeup but leaves an oily residue afterwards. Just to be clear, I have never recommended this as an option.

There are other cleanser types, but I feel like these are the most popular methods.  

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*I would like you guys to know that I have tested and tried all of the above cleansers. I have suggested them to many clients, and they have all had fantastic results! I hope you found this helpful in the annoying search to find that perfect cleanser! Comment below if you have questions!
 note* None of this is a sponsored or affiliate post. This is all just cleansers I love and suggest!
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