Conceal Skin Flaws with Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Luminess Air. All thoughts and opinions are mine. 

Airbrush makeup is one of the best ways to conceal skin flaws. Whether you have dark circles, redness, blemishes, or even just large pores, the Luminess Air Airbrushing System can help. If you want to have a flawless complexion, using airbrush makeup is easy, perfect for sensitive skin, and hide and cover imperfections perfectly

How to Conceal skin flaws and blemishes with airbrush makeup

Everybody has annoying blemishes from time to time. As a makeup artist, if a client has stubborn skin flaws, using airbrush makeup is an easy way to get complete coverage with simple techniques and the right product. There are several items from Luminess Air that are perfect for covering the most aggravating skin flaws.

  • Conceal Dark circles with X-Out Undereye Concealer
  • Get Smoother Skin with Porcelain primer
  • Soften Redness with Eraser redness corrector

how to cover up skin problems using airbrush cosmetics

Soften Skin Texture with Airbrushing Porcelain Primer

how to get even skin with airbrush makeup


Before you apply any skin correcting airbrush products, you want to use the Porcelain Primer. This primer helps by evening out the skin texture and tone prior to applying your airbrush makeup and other correcting products. It also helps to keep your cosmetics on longer which is essential when covering up any skin imperfection.

When you are priming the skin with the Porcelain Primer, just make sure that your skin is fresh and clean. Then apply your porcelain primer the same way you would with your airbrush makeup application. Once you are done with this step, the concealing of blemishes will be much easier.

How to Conceal dark Circles with Airbrush Makeup

airbrush makeup to conceal blemishes

If you have tough under eye circles that you need to have covered up, you can use the Luminess Air X-Out undereye concealer for complete coverage. The beauty of using an airbrush system to help with dark under eyes is that you avoid aggravating the skin by touching it. With airbrush, you drop 4-5 droplets of the x- out undereye concealer into the stylus, follow these airbrushing techniques and begin covering the blue pigmentation that happens from tired eyes.

Soften Redness with InstantEraser Corrector

concealing blemishes with primer for airbrush makeup

If you have sensitive skin, it’s usually associated with some mild redness. Airbrush makeup can be a great solution to applying color corrector to the skin without having to touch it and cause more irritation and redness. So, after you have applied your primer, and concealed under your eyes, you can use the Instant Eraser Corrector to soften red discoloration from blemishes or broken capillaries on the face.

Steps to Conceal Skin Flaws with Airbrush

how to conceal skin flaws using airbrush makeup


  • Apply your airbrushing primer
  • Conceal Undereyes with X-Out
  • Soften redness with Rendess Corrector
  • Apply your Airbrush foundation using these instructions.


note- This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Luminess Air.


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