Contour and Highlighting Your Face Series




It is crazy what highlighting and contouring can do to transform your face. It really is an optical illusion; you can literally change the shape of your face,  straighten your nose, shorten your forehead, pop out those cheek bones, and more.   Everyone has a different face shape, so everyone will have a slightly different area on their face to contour and highlight.

So this next week..starting monday–I will go over contouring and highlighting different face shapes, popping out your cheekbones, and the most popular one…correcting your nose. Are you in? Follow along with me by subscribing so you don’t miss a post.


Ummm, nope, these pics are definitely not my favourite of me. But because I love you guys, and I want to teach you new tricks, I did it for you. And–for a more dramatic and very visual effect, these are the areas that I highlight and contour on my face. It’s  a lot right? Well, the truth is, I don’t roll out of bed pretty. 


Here is what I look when my face is contoured, blended, and not looking creepy.


I am excited! If there is anything in particular that you want to learn to contour, drop me a line below in the comment section or chat with me on Facebook or Instagram.


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  • I am such a scaredy cat when it come to highlighting and contouring because my skin is SOO fair… like, vampire fair, haha! I’d love to know if you had any products in mind that would work for someone with my complexion…

    • Hey girl! well…basically with really fair skin you would just need to use a little bit of whatever you were using to contour and blend it really, really well. Sometimes with fair skin, products can look to yellow, and it just looks weird. Using a bronzer is very small amounts would be fine. Try using a cream bronzer (mac has one), so you can control the amount of products better. A little goes a long way. Follow the series though- I will make sure to address that. xo

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