DIY Boho Beaded Friendship Bracelets

For fun, my daughters and I decided to make a bunch of DIY Boho Beaded Friendship Bracelets and dang, they came out so cute! I was looking for some kind of easy kids craft to do with them, and since they are really into jewelry, it was a total win. We went to the craft store and gathered colorful string for braiding, lettered beads and even some small rock beads too for that bohemian vibe. Honestly, they turned out so cute and are perfect for a DIY gift, or just for yourself. Plus, they are really affordable to make.

Bohemian accessories are hot right now and this easy DIY boho beaded bracelets will give you those bohemian vibes immediately. Easy to make for yourself or as a craft with kids.

We got super creative and made a bunch of different DIY Boho Beaded friendship bracelet options just for fun. We had simple braided bracelets, ones accessorized with rick beads, and even some with fun sayings. I remember creating bracelets with the letter beads when I was a kid, but now we can take it to another level. These cute friendship bracelets are something I would buy and wear if I saw them in a trendy boutique. Just saying.

Make these easy DIY Boho Beaded friendship bracelets with your kids or for yourself. Get your bohemian style vibes on with these cute bracelet options with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

DIY Boho Beaded Friendship Bracelets Supply

I went to the local craft store to get all of my supplies. But I’m gonna be real. Shopping for the exact same supplies I got is going to be much cheaper on Amazon. In fact, I totally checked the pricing on my DIY Boho Beaded Friendship Bracelets supplies and it would have been far less had I been patient and done my crafting needs online. So, here is everything I used to make these cute bohemian vibe accessories with my daughters.

  • Bracelet String: You can get this set of boho bracelet string on Amazon for super inexpensive. 40 different colors for around $12! I paid $0.59 for each of my string colors at the craft store.
  • Small Stone Beads: Here is a package of 800 small stone beads for $10.99 on Amazon! I purchase a 200 piece package of small rocks for $5.99.
  • Lettered Beads: So, the lettered beads I purchased at the craft store were about $4.99 for a set of 200 pieces. Here on Amazon, you can get 900 lettered beads for $8.59! Such a killer price.
  • Elastic String Cord: Found mine for $5.99 at it wasn’t half the amount of the Amazon String Elastic Cord for $6.59!


DIY Boho Beaded Friendship Bracelet Instructions

How to make DIY Boho beaded friendship bracelets for little girls with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

There really isn’t that much in the way of instructions with these simple friendship bracelets that are easy enough for kids to make. It’s about creativity. To make them have that “boho” style, you want to have the right color of string, make sure the colors go together and have beads that also have that bohemian vibe. I like rock beads because they really speak to that.

For our DIY bohemian bracelets, we braided, added beads, and stacked the bracelets. You don’t have to make it complicated; just have fun with it.

How to make a DIY boho beaded friendship bracelet easily. Stack your different bohemian accessories and have fun with this kids friendly craft.

My oldest daughter made a ton of these bracelets for gifts for her friends. We are even going to have a friendship bracelet making table at her next birthday party. This is a great summer craft to do with kids because it pulls out their creativity and, let’s be real, pulls them away from the screen for a minute.

DIY Boho Beaded  Friendship Bracelets are a fun accessory you can easily make at home for yourself or as a gift with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

Honestly, I thought they all turned out so dang cute! I told Zariah (my oldest) that she should open up her own shop. What do you think? I mean, I would probably buy all the DIY Boho Beaded Friendship Bracelets up because that’s what a proud mom does…ammiiirriigght?




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