DIY Chocolate Cake Lip Scrub

This DIY Chocolate Cake Lip Scrub is not only delicous, but it will make your lips feels soft, smooth and exfoliated. What’s so great about this DIY lip scrub recipe is that you can easily make it at home for yourself, or as a gift, plus it taistes like yummy chocolate. Get soft lips with this DIY beauty product.

This yummy DIY Chocoalte cake lip scrub recipe is everything you need for soft and smooth lips.


What I love about this DIY Chocolate Cake lip scrub is that all of the ingredients can be found at a local grocery store or on-line. If you can’t find the ingredients in a local store, there is always Amazon, which seems to always have the best deals for things like this.


DIY chocolate cake lip scrub via @citizenofbeauty

DIY Lip Scrub Ingredients You Will Need:


Extra Supplies You Will Need

Mixing bowl

Hand Mixer for whipping


Measuring Cups

Measuring Spoons

Small glass jar

Ingredients for a DIY Chocolate Cake Lip Scrub via @citizenofbeauty

Place coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, coco powder, and vanilla extract into a mixing bowl and mix on medium speed until completely mixed together and whipped.


DIY Chocolate Cake Lip Scrub via @citizenofbeauty


Next, spoon in brown sugar and carefully mix it into the already blended product for a DIY Lip Scrub texture. Do not use your hand mixer for this part.

Now all you have to do is place your amazing DIY Chocolate Cake Lip Scrub in a cute glass jar, and either add a label or something else (like a bow) to the outside.

DIY chocolate Cake Lip Scrub via @citizenofbeauty

 Because this diy lip scrub recipe has coconut oil in it, which is anti-bacterial, it should last you a few months. However, to keep it even longer, I would suggest refrigerating it. But if you make a small enough batch and go through it quickly, you should be fine. I like to keep mine in my purse to keep my lips looking fabulous and smooth at all times.

 Gift Your DIY Chocolate Lip Scrub

Easy DIY Chocolate Cake Scrub via @citizenofbeauty

If you are wanting an inexpensive gift idea to make for christmas, your girlfriends, a bridal party, your mom, your grandma, your aunt, possibly your uncle… maaaybe even your dad (the last two are pushing it), this DIY Chocolate Cake Lip Scrub would be a major hit. If you pair this with a cute lipstick in a fun makeup bag, your giftee will think you are majorly awesome.


Use Your DIY Chocolate Cake Lip Scrub

How to Exfoliate your lips using a DIY Chocolate Cake Lip Scrub via @citizenofbeauty






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