DIY Simple Earring Set Gift Idea

Today I’m going to show you how to take some inexpensive earrings and DIY them to make your gift look more expensive. While shopping at Free People, I noticed an earring set for $18.00 that was packaged in leather and it was so cute. I thoiught it would make a great birthday gift or holiday gift and would be so simple to re-create at home. So, I took a snapshot of the earring set and found all of the supplies on Amazon Prime to create several of these Simple DIY Earring Sets for about half of the price or more. To me, packaging is everything and honestly, the earrings at Free People were adorable, but it was how they were displayed that made them look even better. I am pretty sure every female in my family will be getting one of these DIY earrings sets in their Christmas gift basket this year.

Simple DIY Earring Set that looks expensive but is actually a major bargain with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton


DIY Simple Earring Set Gift Supplies

simple DIY Earring Set that looks expensive and everything you need

You don’t need a ton of things to make this Simple DIY earring set look fabulous and it won’t cost you very much either! Yay!  All you need are the essentials like leather, earrings, a cute coin purse to hold your gift, paint, and sand paper. To make your life eaiser, here are the links of where to find everything you need for this simple DIY.

  1. Leather Scraps on Amazon
  2. Set of Small Earrings like this set of 32 sets on Amazon for $10.99
  3. Gold paint
  4. Paint Brush
  5. Sand Paper
  6. Cute coin purse to put the earring set into like this one.


Directions for Simple DIY Earring Set

how to make a simple DIY earring set with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton

  • Cut out 1 small 3×2.5 leather rectangle.
  • Lightly sand the top of the leather rectangle and paint a gold stripe (this step is option…but so cute).
  • Pierce two or three earring sets into the leather square.
  • Place your DIY Free People inspired earring set into the coin purse.


DIY Free People Earring Set


In the end, you can make a ton of these at a very low cost. With the earring set on amazon for $10.99, you can create a ton of different earring sets for super inexpensive. If you pair that with a cute coint purse for around $5.00, you have a gift that looks expensive but actually isn’t. This DIY Free People inspired earring set will not break the bank, so, make a ton!

I hope you guys enjoyed this easy tutorial! Have a great day!




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