DIY Lemon Drop Lip Scrub

Get ready for an easy DIY Lemon Drop Lip Scrub today. If you have dry, chapped, or rough lips, give this homemade lip exfoliator a try for soft and smooth lips. You will love this simple and invigorating DIY lip scrub recipe with lemon essential oil.


Diy Lemon Drop Lip Scrub Recipe that's so easy to make and only has three ingredients. If you have sugar, coconut oil, and lemon essential oil, you can make this in 30 seconds.


Using a lip scrub not only helps exfoliate your lips and keep them hydrated, but it helps to keep your lipstick on and even. Have you ever made a DIY lip scrub before? If you haven’t, this Lemon Drop lip exfoliator is the easiest one you can do and it makes a great gift by itself or packaged with a fun lipstick color. Plus, if you like Lemon Drop Martini’s, you will love this because it tastes really-dang-good.

For this simple DIY Lemon Drop Lip Scrub, you only need three ingredients:

DIY lemon drop lip scrub

DIY Lip Scrub Recipe with Lemon Essential Oil

  1. Get a small container
  2. Fill it almost to the top with sugar
  3. Add in 1 tsp of Organic Coconut Oil
  4. Add 1 drop of Lemon Essential Oil
  5. Mix it around until all of the sugar is coated with coconut oil

easy DIY lemon drop lip scrub using coconut oil, sugar, and lemon essential oils

 How to Use the DIY Lemon Drop Lip Scrub

Using a homemade lip scrub is the perfect way to exfoliate your lips and have them soft and kissable. What I recommend when using this lip essential is to apply it to your lips, rub your lips around gently, and then wipe off the scrub. You could also lick it off if you want because it is obviously very yummy.

simple lemon drop lip scrub

In the end, your DIY Lemon Drop Lip Scrub should look similar to the picture above. It should not be runny in any way. If it looks like it isn’t thick enough, you can always add more sugar to get it to the consistancy that you want.

simple diy lemon drop lip scrub

Alright my friends, I hope you enjoyed this very simple DIY Lemon Drop Lip Scrub! If you like this post, make sure to share it by pinning and letting your friends know about it.

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