DIY Vitamin C Toner| With Green Tea & Lavender

Did you know that a DIY Vitamin C Toner is super easy to make and costs next to nothing? Vitamin C (L-acorbic acid) is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking young, radiant and fresh because it helps produce collagen, wards off nasty free radicals, and promotes healthy skin cells.  In other words, it’s one of the best anti-aging ingredients you can have in your skin care regimen.

DIY Anti-anging toner using Green Tea and Vitamin C antioxidants by Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger, Kendra Stanton

Unfortunately though, Vitamin C does have a dark side (quite literally) and can lose its potency rather quickly when exposed to oxygen, making it turn different shades of brown.  When this happens, the usual ‘free radical warding benefits’ of Vitamin C turn against you and actually becomes the evil free radical itself. Isn’t that annoying?

If you have ever purchased a Vitamin C skincare product and payed big bucks for it, you are probably freaking out right now thinking you have wasted $150.00 every few months for years. But don’t. Most skincare lines use a stabilizer with their Vitamin C to make it last a little longer. With that said, every time you open that bottle of Vitamin C, the product gets a little less potent. So just pay attention to what it looks like- if you see a change in color, immediately stop using it.

Now that you know all of the good and bad of Vitamin C, let me tell you the benefits of making your own DIY Vitamin C Toner. 

1) It will save you loads of money.

2) While you will have to make your toner more often (every few weeks), you will at least know that you are getting a potent and non-oxidized Vitamin C skincare product.

3) You can use that extra money for MORE BEAUTY PRODUCTS that might be a little more challenging to DIY.

4) You can tell all of your friends that you have now hopped on the DIY trend that is all over Pinterest.

5) This won’t be a Pinterest fail… (I know I am not the only one to have experienced one).

What you Need for DIY Vitamin C Toner

DIY Lavender Vitamin C Toner

You can find everything you need right below through Amazon. All of the links go through to exactly what you need to make life easier for you!

1) Distilled Water (found at any grocery store in baby section)

2) Green tea steeping bag as an extra anti-oxidant  (like this one)

3) Lavender essential oil (like this one)

4) 100% pure Vitamin C crystals (like this one)

5) Dark air tight bottle with spray tip (like this one)

Directions for Vitamin C Toner

DIY Vitamin C Toner Directions

1) Boil 1 cup of distilled water, then steep the green tea for 5 minutes.

2) Refrigerate the steeped green tea until it is 100% cold in order to not damage the Vitamin C crystals and then add 5 drops of Lavender essential oil.

3) Add ½ teaspoon of Vitamin C Crystals (this will give you 5% Vitamin C potency) into 9 tsp of green tea and mix it until it is all dissolved. If you are having a hard time dissolving the Vitamin C Crystals, I would recommend crushing them a bit with a rolling pin on a disinfected cutting board prior to adding them.

4) Pour into your air-tight, dark glass spritzing bottle and store in the refrigerator after each use.

DIY Vitamin C Toner Recipe

How to use Vitamin C Toner

Toners should be used after you cleanse your skin and before you apply your serums and moisturizers. So, after your cleanse your skin, apply 3 to 4 spritz of your DIY Vitamin C Toner to a cotton ball and gently sweep it across your face. You can use this morning and night if you would like.

Note: Your DIY Vitamin C Toner will last you a few weeks, so make sure that you re-make more in order to have the best anti-aging results. If you have never used a Vitamin C skincare product before, please make sure that you use only ½ teaspoon of Vitamin C, which will give you 5% potency.

Alright you guys, have fun making your very own DIY Vitamin C Toner! Have a comment or question? I would love to hear from you!



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