Dressing Post Pregnancy- Oh The Drama

After you have a baby, everything changes, and I am not just talking the bags under your eyes from lack of sleep. After baby #1, I felt like my body bounced back pretty good, but after baby #2, well, lets just say that  clothing tricks have become essential. I have been working out pretty consistently post baby and eating a Paleo diet which has helped me get close to my pre-baby weight (my daughter is 4 months old). But my mid section and “love” handles have a bit to much love going on if you know what I mean,  and I am pretty sure my stomach muscles have completely atrophied.

 To be really transparent, I have had a few melt down moments (ugly cry style), because I know how my body use to look and it just feels like I will never get it back. So one of my goals for 2013 is to get fit and toned and to be okay and comfortable in the process. In the mean time, my biggest struggle has been how to dress this body of mine. How do I wear something comfortably that will deflect the areas I am not wanting to draw attention to…like my mid section. So here are some tips on how to dress your post pregnancy body.

p.s- I realize I am a small framed girl, I am not trying to lose weight. I am trying to tone up and feel comfortable. I am a little squishy and good clothes do wonders!

1) Wear a top that is lightweight and gives a little extra space in the stomach region like a tunic. A shirt that has movement and isn’t clingy like an annoying friend is essential.  But don’t go overboard had wear something that is 9 times to big for you, that will just make you look frumpy. If your waistline has somehow lost it’s way in the world, try using a belt at your natural hip line to create the illusion that you have one. Oh- and I hear a good body shaper can do wonders.

2) Wear pants that fit you even if they are larger than you use to wear. It’s better to just fit in them without feeling depressed about how much of an arm exercise it was to just zip them up. You will also just feel better not having that extra love spilling over your pant line.

3) Dress in something that makes you feel pretty. For me that is wearing a pair of cute shoes. Specifically heels because they elongate my body, make me stand up straighter, and I just feel a little less like I have been wiping baby booties all day long.

4) It’s the small thing’s in life that will just make you feel a little more normal after the haze of being pregnant, giving birth, and then trying to adjust to your new normal. For me thats wearing a cute ring, a fancier belt, and some nail art that I can’t stop staring at.

5) Make time to do your hair and makeup. Seriously. If you are like me this seems to go down like this: Wake up, take a shower, let my hair air dry, play with kids, put my makeup on while being interrupted a million times by a precious 2.5 year old that wants to do her makeup too, play with kids, blog or go to a makeup job, maybe curl my hair, time to make dinner, the end. Was it worth it? Yes, and my husband appreciates it too. (Don’t worry, he comes home to sweat pants too. I am writing this all while sitting in my pajamas with no makeup on and my hair in a nasty bun. haha. Hypocrite.)

I just wanted to show you my tattoo that I am sure I will regret at 75 when my skin is a little less tight, but for now, I love it. This is what it says, “To fight for, honor, and love-in the broken and the holy moments-until death do us part.”

In conclusion, don’t take everything so seriously. You make not look the same, but you have a precious baby to show for it and that is worth every single “body” battle scar you might have. Love to you all, connect with me here, on FACEBOOK, Twitter, Instagram, and now The Vine.

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