Essential Nude Lipstick Collection By Kate Moss

Nude Lipstick, I am sure, will always be on trend. Rimmel London and the infamous Kate Moss know this, so of course, they created the Essential Nude Lip Collection featuring hot nude lipstick shades that you, your mom, and your grandma will all want. From a pale-pink nude to a nude raisin shade, you will want all colors for all events and all seasons. And, since these nude lip colors are drugstore and very affordable, you can pick up all four without feeling a hint of buyers remorse (sound the applause).

Rimmel London by Kate Moss nude lipstick review for shades 45,46,47,48

Spring is here, and the nude makeup trend is back with a vengeance like it always is when the weather starts to shift.  Maybe this time, the marketing geniuses of the beauty industry are calling this makeup look something like “going bare face” or “the no-makeup, makeup look”. However you want to title it, the subtle accent of your natural beauty is the look of the season and it starts with your lips. I always love when this trend starts popping because it’s already in-line with my every day look that I rock when I am on the fly chasing kids and managing life in general. So, with that said, let’s take a look at these stunning natural lipstick colors starting with the packaging.

Rimmel London Nude Lipsticks are gorgeous

For a drugstore lipstick, I love not only the pale-nude color of these lipstick tubes but the shape and crown at the top which is the Rimmel logo. If you didn’t see the logo and name on the side, you would never know these were a drugstore lipstick. I think that packaging makes a huge difference when it comes to buying a product, and I am glad to see that Rimmel made it a priority.

Rimmel London Kate Moss Nude lipstick review and swatches

From left to right I have the Lasting Finish Nude Lipsticks by Rimmel in shades 48, 47, 46,and 45, swatched on my arm. I have pretty pale skin, so you can see these colors really well; they are vivid and vibrant. Just looking at them, my favorite is 45, but wearing the color on my lips might be another story.



Kate Moss and Rimmel London lipstick collaboration in shade 45


wearing Rimmel London by Kate Moss in nude lipstick shade 45

This lipstick color (45), is the lightest of them all and certainly a true nude shade. It has a slight tint of pink, and would look best on pale to medium toned skin types.  If you have a darker skin tone, you can give it a try, but it might be a bit too pale in contrast with the tone of your skin. With that said, you never know until you try!



Kate Moss and Rimmel London lipstick collaboration in shade 46


Wearing Rimmel London by Kate Moss in Nude Lipstick color 46

If you are into a nude peach lipstick color, then you will probably be obsessed with the Lasting Finish by Kate in color 46. It’s light, but with a gorgeous peach color to it that would look best on pale to medium skin tones if you are going for that natural-nude look. If you have darker skin with a golden undertone, I bet this would look gorgeous on you. But if you have darker skin with a blue undertone…I would pass.



Kate Moss and Rimmel London lipstick collaboration in shade 47


Wearing Rimmel London by Kate Moss in nude lipstick color 47

Medium to dark skinned ladies, this nude lipstick by Rimmel in shade 47 is ideal for you. On my skin, it looks a bit muddy and overall sort of blahhh. But for you, it’s a slightly darker nude than the other two I showed you, so I think it might be your jam. So, give it a try.



Kate Moss and Rimmel London lipstick collaboration in shade 48


Wearing Rimmel London Nude Lipstick in shade 48

Okay, if I am feeling like busting out my inner 90’s grunge nude look, I will totally opt for the Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick color in 48. Other than that, for me, this nude lipstick is all-the-nope in the world for spring and summer. However, dark-toned friends, you need this lipstick. It will be your new Spring favorite lipstick color for sure…trust me.



This lipstick has a bit of a sheen to it, and usually, when that’s the case, it means it doesn’t have the best-staying power. This lipstick claims 8 hours…but…I didn’t have that experience. I love the colors, and I found the lipsticks to be very creamy and hydrating which I loved. BUT, I am an avid coffee drinker and so my lips–and lipstick, are in regular contact with a coffee cup all-day-long.  With that said, it did stay on my lips pretty well for a few hours considering everything I just said in my last sentence. I guess what I am trying to say is, unless you plan on not drinking any coffee and solely sip your food from a cup (like a smoothie etc.), just plan on having to do a lipstick touch-up. It’s not that big of a deal. And, if you would like this lipstick to last longer, apply it, blot it down, then apply it again


Honestly, these lipsticks are around $5.00 each give or take a few cents. This is not that big of a deal in the world of lipstick costs. In fact, this is a really good bargain for an update on your spring lipstick choice. From a consumer standpoint, this product get’s really great reviews on multiple websites for color and staying power.


So I say, go for it!

xo, Kendra

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