Embracing Your Body-Type: Rectangle Shapes

Today we visit our last body-type: the rectangle shape. Often rectangles are called boyish, straight hipped or rulers, but it doesn’t have to be so. With a little work a rectangle can learn to embrace their curvy parts and accentuate the good stuff. Let’s review what constitutes a rectangle shape:

    • Torso and upper body are the same width as your hips
    • Little waist definition
    • Not just boy shaped

Here are some shopping tips for rectangles:

Jackets: Go with a jacket that doesn’t drown you. Embrace little touches like belts and big buttons to that do the curvy work for you. Look for contoured seamlines as well to desginate curve invoke pieces. Choose a piece that hits you right below the hipbone to create length in your frame.

Jeans: Though this body type can work with most anything when it comes to rises and styles, the most flattering jeans have a slimmer, tighter fit and a waistband that runs relatively straight across your middle. A waistband that’s curved too much can create unflattering spillage, which I have had because this is my body-type…nobody wants to see that! Classic boot-cuts have a trim fit through the hips and thighs

Shimmering Stars Dress from Modcloth

Dresses: A dress with built-in curves will be your friend here! You’ll know it when you see it because it will have a great shape even on the hanger. Also keep an eye out for a fitted bodice with darts and seaming throughout the torso to help create a defined, feminine silhouette. Avoid thin, elasticized waistbands or gathered fabric at the stomach that adds thickness to the middle and makes the body look straighter. This dress is from Modcloth and perfectly fits the rectangle shape guidelines where it has a really strong waistline and nice ruching on the underside of the bust-line creating a really feminine shape!

Tops: You goal with tops are to make your little curves pop and embrace the femininity that your body has. Avoid shirts that don’t give you a curvy midpoint and hide your shape you want. Go for a v-neck line or deep scoop-neck to open up your frame and make you appear longer. Avoid shirts that gather narrow below your natural waist point because they will only make you look boxy.

Materials: Embrace light layers of different materials to enhance your look. Do not layer on bulky or chunky knit fabrics to your top as they will dry the attention to your upper body and you will lose the consistent silhouette you are trying to create. 

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