Emma New York Cosmetics and Your Spring Look


Truthfully, I had never heard of Emma Cosmetics before, so..it prompted curiosity which led to this review and spring makeup tutorial. A few thing’s that made me very interested in this brand besides the color and packaging is the simplicity of their three makeup sets that have great ingredients and are incredibly well priced. Today I am showing you the Emma Cosmetics Evening Glamour Set, although I don’t have all of the pieces. Included in this set is the eyeshadow and blush palette, lipstick and gloss, as well as a blush brush for only $60.00. Yeah, that’s a pretty dang good deal if you ask me.

When I first saw this brand it reminded me of Estee Lauder in packaging and branding…is it the blue or the font? I can’t decide. But they are very much their brand, and if you check out their awesome website, you will be incredibly impressed like I was and want to buy all the makeup. Like every single item. Good job Emma Cosmetics. Good job.

What I appreciate about this cosmetic brand is that it’s by professional makeup artists who know the ins and outs of what clients need. A huge thing right now in our industry is ingredients in cosmetics and brands are starting to take finally note. Emma Cosmetics used plant extracts, essential oils, vitamins and natural minerals to create their makeup and the wearability and pigment are surprising

One again, good job.


Emma New York cosmetics

Speaking of the pigment and colors of Emma Cosmetics, they keep everything pretty neutral because they believe makeup should be used to enhance your natural beauty. I love that. Don’t get me wrong..I love going crazy with my makeup too. Makeup is an art form in my opinion and an accessory to your natural beauty if you want it to be.


color swatches from Emma Cosmetics New York Eyeshadow Evening Glamour

From left to right: Wall Street White, Bowery Cocoa, Central Park Silver, Grand Central Grey, and the blush in East Side Peach

These makeup swatches show how powerful the pigment in this makeup actually is. I barely had to put any eyeshadow on to get those beautiful color swatches!

lipstick from Emma New York Cosmetics

This lipstick  swatch is the Soho Spice Lipstick and it’s going to be a springtime favorite without a doubt. It’s a beautiful pale pink lip shade that’s creamy, hydrating, and very wearable.

soft spring makeup turorial using neautral colors

Are you ready for a very simple spring 2016 makeup look? Let’s get started…follow along and of course, ask questions if you want to. 

  1. Base your entire eyelid with the Wall Street White eyeshadow and then use Bowery Cocoa in the contour of your eyes with a blender brush
  2. Then sweep Central Park Silver under lower lash line
  3. With an angled liner brush line your upper lash line with the Grand Central Grey
  4. Use a black liner on the outside corner of my eyes

Finish the Look

After you apply your foundation, apply your East Side Peach Blush. Then finish the look with the Soho Spice Lipstick.


I liked the pigment of all the products and I like ingredients. I really like the way this makeup stayed on my eyes and didn’t wear off. It stayed on all day long without needing any touch ups what-so-ever. DO I think this is a good investment of your money in the makeup department? 100%

I hope you guy’s enjoyed this fun springtime makeup look andthe ontroduction to these awesome makeup products by Emma Cosmetics New York.

Your Beauty Best Friend, Kendra

Note: These are PR samples.

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