Everyday Makeup Brushes + Where to Use!

As a makeup artist of over 15 years, I have found the exact everyday makeup brushes you need for your basic makeup essentials kit and where to use them. There are tons of brush sets around that have fifteen different cosmetic brushes inside, but friend, you don’t need them all. Truthfully, these are all the brushes I use on myself for day to day use and I’ve been in the beauty industry for a long time. I like to keep my makeup bag simple and not loaded with things I dont’ need. So, let me show you the ones I keep around in and the ones I show my clients depending on their budget and price range. There is a makeup brush in this post for everyone, I promise!

I can’t tell you how many emails I get from readers wanting to know my basic makeup brush collection and where to use them on the face.  I hope this simple guide is easy for you to follow and that you walk away with the exact set of brushes you need to master makeup whether you are just a beginner, or are a seasoned professional.  Also on a side note, when I say “basic”, I am really saying that I wouldn’t travel anywhere without these guys. They are my essential brushes that I would replace in 5 seconds if they ever got lost.


Basic makeup brushes plus where and how to use them with Austin, TX beauty blogger Kendra Stanton

Follow the Colors for This Makeup Basic Makeup Brush Lesson

If you want to learn where to use these brushes, just follow this basic guide that correlates the colors to in the dots, to the colors on my face. I tried to make it as easy as possible, however, if you want more basic makeup instructions, I have linked them here in this post.

Where to use your makeup brushes on your face with Austin, TX Beauy Blogger and makeup artist, Kendra Stanton

Every Day Makeup Brush Suggestions

I am going to show the basic makeup brushes I use every day on myself and on clients as a makeup artist. For my makeup kit, I typically stay weith the high end and medium brands as I am a professional. However, maybe you are just starting and sticking with bargain brands is your things. Here is what you need to know when searching for the perfect makeup brushes for you.

High End–  Some are made of real goat hair or high-end taklon that feelsl like real hair. The way that these brushes look and feel are high end and really well crafted. If you take care of them, they will last you ten years. These are an investment but feel amazing on the skin and apply makeup beautifully.

Medium: These brushes are not hand crafted and are made of a high-end taklon instead of hair. They will also last you a very long time if taken care of properly.

Bargain: If you buy a bargain brush, it’s a toss up. They will probably last you 2-3 years if your luck is really good.

3 Everyday Face Makeup Brushes

Use a basic blush brush in your everday makeup brush collection

1. Blush Brush: Having a blush brush is essential, I have one to apply both my blush and my bronzer. You can totally use the same brush, just make sure to remove the blush color (or vice-versa) before you apply the next color. You want to apply your blush only to the apples of your cheeks and then in a number “3” using these techniques I created in the “contouring and highlighting with number“.

BUY Blush Brush Options: 

Use a foundation brush in your basic makeup brush collection.

2. Foundation Brush: Using a foundation brush is the best option for getting flawless skin. You can learn how to apply your foundation with a brush using my tutorial and the “cris-cross” makeup technique. Here are some foundation brush options that I like.

Buy Foundation Brush Options

concealer brush in your basic makeup brush collection

3. Concealer Brush: You absolutely need a brush that will get into small places like under your eyes and around the corners of your nores. The brush is more compact for concealing with heavier pigments like a concealer.

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4 Everyday Eyeshadow Brushes

Use a blender crease brush in your basic makeup brush kit

1. Eyeshadow Blender Brush:  I literally can’t do my makeup without this brush. Having a eyeshadow blender brush is the one makeup brush you absolutely need!

Buy Eyeshadow Blender Brush Options

Use a flat eyeshadow brush in your basic makeup collection

2. Flat Eyeshadow Brush:  I use this to apply to my entire lower eyelid, under the brow bone, and tear duct. It grabs pigment beautifully and applies with ease. This is a basic eyeshadow brush you absolutely need in your everyday makeup brush kit.

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Use an angled eyeliner brush in your basic makeup brush collection

3. Angled Liner Brush: For the most perfect lined eyes, you need this brush. I can get the perfect cat eye with one end, or smudge out a line to create a smoky effect with the other. It’s perfect. And, if you don’t feel confident doing your eyeliner, check out this easy eyeliner tutorial.

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