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Mama Got Bangs

Thanks to to our trend setting Presidents Wife, Michelle Obama,–fringe (a.k.a bangs) is making its way across America as the latest in hair fashion. So in a moment of feeling inspired and pretty bored with my current hairstyle, I asked my amazing hairstylist, Erin, if it would be a good idea to bump my Ombre up and add in a bang. She gave me a two thumbs up and proceeded to do-the-deed; I am now on-trend.  While having my “bangs did,” I asked Erin to give me the 411 on face-shapes and fringe. I was curious how face shapes effected how she would choose what type of fringe to do. She was packed full of information. Which face shape are you?

Words of Fringe Wisdom From a Hair Pro

The following tips are written out from my hair-stylist, Erin Wesolowski.

There are many different styles of bangs to choose from, and it can either accentuate your best feature or accentuate your worst. So before you take the plunge, here are a few things to consider to determine which style will work best for you.

1.)  Hair texture is an important thing to consider in deciding if a fringe can work for you. Straight and wavy hair can easily be tamed while curly hair can sometimes pose a problem because it can be hard to smooth and maintain its shape.

2.) Hair density is a vital part of how thick or thin of a section of bangs to choose. Thicker hair tends to need a little texture so that it doesn’t hang to heavy on a face! And generally thinner hair needs a more blunt bang to keep them from looking to straggly. A  fringe is generally a triangular shape and you want your bangs to usually go eyebrow to eyebrow. This is just a general rule, different textures and face shapes can alter that.

3.) One of the most important aspects to consider with bangs is your face shape.


Image source  Allure.com

With a round face shape, mostly side-swept bangs work well. Try not to let them end at the widest point of your face. For example if your cheekbones are the widest point, let them hit above to make your eyes pop, or just past the cheekbone to soften it. Stay away from straight across blunt bangs because this will shorten your face and generally make you look more round.



Image Source 

People with oval face shapes have it real good since just about any bang style will look good on them….how convenient   If you have an oval face and high forhead, definitely get bangs so that your head looks more proportionate in length.


Image Source

Generally a softer bang works well. A blunt straight bang can emphasize roundness so try more texture, layers, and roundness with your bang, especially if you are going for a straight across bang.


Image Source

Avoid blunt short bangs with this face shape.
Getting a wider, textured fringe can help to balance this sort of face shape.


Image Source

You can do a variety of bangs with this face shape but the idea is not to enhance the width of your forehead. If doing a full bang, don’t let it go past the eyebrows and if you’re doing a side-swept bang a little softness will work well.

Other things to consider:

Do you have any cowlicks on your front hairline? This can pose a problem in that it may be difficult or near impossible to achieve the look you want. I have some clients though who despite their cowlicks we have either left the fringe longer to help them lay down better or put in extra styling time to tame their cowlick.
Do you have time for maintenance? A full bang is the most high maintenance in that you’ll need a trim every 2-4 weeks depending on how long you keep them. Generally bangs need to be trimmed every 4-6 weeks to keep their shape.

My last piece of advice: DONT CUT YOUR OWN BANGS (Kendra has been known to do this)! Time and time again I see people (Kendra) sit in my chair who have improperly cut/trim their bangs and it can take time for them to grow in. All of the advice I gave is a general guideline and may not be the case for you in particular, so find a good stylist and consult with him/her over what will work best for you!



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