Fashion Q & A: Top 3 Questions

We all have to get dressed in the morning, but the task can be daunting. The top three questions I get from clients all have to do with building outfits. So, today here are my best answers to these questions.

How do you pick your clothes out in the morning?

I don’t. Ask my husband, I love routines and hate feeling like I don’t have a handle on my day, especially in the morning. I layout my clothes the night before, yes I even layout my bra and undies, so that I can just grab and go. I try to look ahead at the weather report and combine that with what I know I have to do for the day. Then, I focus on what makes me feel good to wear. In our bedroom, I have a dressing corner of sorts. It is between my dresser and my closet and consists of one hook and a small stool where I can hang my clothes for the next day and set out my shoes and accessories. One of the best pieces of advice I read when designing my dressing corner was to only use a single hook system; that way your area stays clutter free.

What does it take to build an outfit? 

I think the key here is to focus on one item. Most of my outfits start with my desire to wear a certain shirt or pair of shoes. Honestly, I have even made outfits based off a pair of earrings. Today’s key item was a bird print dress from Target. My office is cold, so I grabbed my denim shirt, which also compliments the lighter blue color and contrasts that of the navy. I wore my hair back in a bun, so I chose studded off-white earrings to go with this look. Last, I wanted to pull out the orange detailing on the dress, so I chose orange gladiator sandals and Revlon lipstick in Siren. Ready to roll.

How do you keep your wardrobe full of fresh looks without spending a lot of money?

This takes a lot of imagination and self-control. I have a lot of imagination and I am working on the self-control. There are so many ways to organize your closet, but I love the idea of clothing rotation. If you use this technique, your clothes would be divided by season not style. By doing this, you will keep a constant rotation of clothes in your closet, which will help with the boredom factor. But, I am not gonna lie, I love having $20 dollar shopping trips once a month. For these I usually try to grab a trendy item at a less expensive store like H&M, Target or Forever21. My last purchase of this sort was an awesome, denim button-up shirt for $17.80 at Forever21; I have worn it almost everyday.

NOTE: This photo was never intended to be used online, I sent it to my sister to show her how I looked like a character from Saved By the Bell. Not a glamour shot.

Hit me up with your styling questions for some future fashion Q & A!

xoxo-Becca Alexander Pickrel, Portland, OR Fashion Stylist and Blogger

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