Our Last Minute Beach Family Vacay with Kids in Galveston, TX

Last minute, my husband and I decided to book a weekend vacation at the beach in Galveston, Texas with our kids before they headed back to school. It was a three and half hour travel time from Austin to this TX beach city, and we wanted our kids to play in the sand, and ya know, soak up the last days of their summer vacation. We had never been to this Texas beach before and honestly, we had heard mixed reviews, but none-the-less, it’s one of the closest beaches to us, and we wanted to explore the ocean with the kids.

beach family vacation guide in Galveston, TX with travel blogger, Kendra Stanton from Austin, TX

galveston, TX Hilton resort review


hilton resort in Galveston, TX


hilton resort in galveston, TX review

We stayed at the Hilton Galveston Island Resort, and it was pretty decent. It wasn’t the best Hilton we’ve ever stayed at as far as decor and style goes; it honestly felt a little run down, and it probably hadn’t been updated in 20 years. But it was family friendly, and the kids enjoyed the pool area a ton, so I’m happy about that. We slept good and had excellent service, which, in the end, is what matters. If you want a fancier hotel, check out San Luis Hotel  or  Hotel Galvez.

family time in galveston beach for vacation with kids

Listen, the beach in Galveston is pretty basic. There aren’t any palm tree’s, mountains to look at, or much of anything else but the ocean. I’m from the west coast, so hitting up the beach on this side of the country is a much different experience. I guess I was pretty spoiled by Oregon and California beaches and didn’t know it. However, at least we still have access to the ocean still; I will stop complaining. Galveston keeps their beaches really well-kept, and my kids enjoyed building sand castles and body boarding in the waves for hours on end.

Galveston, TX Palm Beach Moody Gardens with Austin, TX Travel Blogger Kendra Stanton

We stayed in Galveston, TX for three days, two of those days we spent at the beach and let our kids choose between Pleasure Pier or Moody Gardens. Since only one of my three kids would be able to go on the rides at Pleasure Pier, we opted for the Moody Gardens Palm Beach plus we found a killer coupon on Groupon. My kids thoroughly enjoyed playing in the water, going down the slides, floating the lazy river, and jumping into the wave pool. I highly recommend taking your kids here if you are planning on hitting up Galveston for vacation with your kids.

Moody Gardens Palm Beach Galveston, TX review


Palm Beach Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX

For food, we hit up the Rainy Forest Cafe one night which you go to for the experience, not the food. Wyatt, my three-year-old, basically cried the entire time because he is scared to death of the sound of thunder. My older daughters who are 6 and 8 would have gone there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; they were obsessed! If you are looking for a fun family-friendly restaurant to take your kids to, the Rainforest Cafe is it, but just remember, this food isn’t the best in my opinion.

If you want really-good food when traveling to Galveston, TX, hit up The Spot for amazing hamburgers and Brick House Tavern for the best happy hour. Both of these restaurants are kids friendly and have beautiful views of the ocean, so make sure you sit outside.

What I wore to the beach in Galveston, TX.

It was super hot at the beach and we don’t mess around when it comes to sunscreen and sun protection. We lathered are kids in so-much-sunscreen and Ezra and I got these sun-guard shirts that are spf 50 and cute too. We got them on Amazon and wore them the entire time like nerds. I also used my floral cardigan as a swimsuit coverup and wraped it around my waist. It matched my pink sunguard shirt, so I felt good about it!

family time in Galveston, TX on the beach for vacation

In the end, the Galveston, TX beach was an easy kid-friendly trip and a fun memory for my family. We ended up coming home with a few Hermit Crabs from Murdochs that my kids are supposed to take care of, but let’s be honest, are now my responsibility. Yay! We asked the kids what their favorite part of our mini vacation was and they all said it was “playing on the beach.” Which, is exactly why we went. So, yes, we will be going again.



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