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Before you watch this segment I did on my “beauty must haves” with the very funny Dave on AMNW, you must know about the night before the segment.  Somehow this always happens to me, running around and trying to get a million and a half things done the night before the segment. It’s complete chaos and completely “classic Kendra.”

So at 7pm I start my quest to get my display ready for the next morning and all I needed was white boxes which no one sell’s apparently, not even craft stores. So I thought I would find some white wrapping paper and wrap these brown boxes I found instead. But I ran into yet another dilemma; there is no white wrapping paper in the state of Oregon! Seriously, I ran around to 5 different stores and ended up with white wrapping paper with stripes. I didn’t think this paper would work so I bought white spray paint to “paint” the boxes instead. Well after nearly getting high from paint fumes at 10pm and ending up with the most ugly box ever…I decide the striped wrapping paper is my only option.

So I get half of my display ready and realize at 11:30pm that I have blonde roots next to dark hair that make me resemble a skunk. So I enlist my husband to help me dye my roots which I have never done before and neither has my husband, but I was desperate (the huz get’s major “Cool” points for this by the way) to fix it. I was also very scared that I might screw up and have jacked up hair on t.v, but it all worked out.

Well, I ended up getting everything finished by 1:30am and needed to be up by 6am. That’s how I roll, and thanks for listening.



Shadow Shields– As a makeup artist, one thing that can be extremely annoying is when you get fallout from your eyeshadow. But I don’t need to worry about that anymore because the Shadow Shields allow me apply my shadows mess free! This is a wonderful tool for the every day girl who wants a pro look without actually being a professional. I love these!

$9.99 at but will be coming to your local one stop shop very soon for around $5.99!

Crown Brushes– I was introduced Crown Brushes last year when I had the opportunity to learn a few tricks from an L.A based Celebrity Makeup artist who was up for an Emmy last year! I am saying that because she knows what she is talking about when it comes to tools. She said they are like and better than M.A.C and about a million times cheaper. They range in price from $2.00 to around $15.00, but everyone you know will think you spend around $30.00 or more per brush. You can find these exclusively online at

Goody’s Simple Styles Spin Pin– Now this might be the most genius invention for hair I have ever found! As a mom with a very busy 2 year old, sometimes I don’t have time to spend 20 minutes on my hair, and that’s where this lovely little gadget comes in to play. All you have to do is twist your hair up like you are doing a bun, or side bun like I love to do, and then twist it through your hair.  You will look fabulous in seconds.  You can find these at any one stop shop in the hair accessories area.

$5.99 (around)


Face Stockholm Makeup Products- I have only had the opportunity to get to know a few of these products, as there are a plethora of products to try.  But the items I have tried I fell in love with and have used in my makeup kit for about a year now. I love the color correctors, Blue corrector and Red corrector, because just about every client I work on requires some correction. They also work great under a HD camera, so they are undetectable when someone looks at you. I also am a huge fan of the Crème Blush, the colors are to die for and they glide on your skin beautifully. These can be found at

$22.00 and $25.00

La Roche Posey Effaclar Serum–  This is an exciting product because it not only helps the women who might be struggling with acne, but it also helps with fine lines and wrinkles. I have been using this as I am concerned about the on-set of fine lines (I know I am only 28…but I am paranoid) and also because I use to have major acne and still get serious congestion around my jaw area. I also saw great improvement in that area as well as a tightening of my pores since this has glycolic in it. It’s hard to find something to recommend to a women who might have more mature skin but is also experiencing acne, well this will be her new friend! You can find this at and find a store near you.


Goody’s Wave Creator Curling Iron– Sometimes I am baffled at how awesome a hair pro can curl someone hair. Well, now I can do this at home with this easy to use curling iron tool. It has a small clip that you clip the end of your hair into and then just twist up. It’s very easy to use, plus it heats up in 30 seconds! This can be found at any one stop shop.



Got2B Dry Oil Hair Taming Mist– Even if you have fine hair, you can still get that lovely frizz. I like this product because I can easily spray it on damp hair and not worry about it weighing down my hair like other taming products do. This can be found at any one stop shop.


Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer– This is by far one of my favorite concealer’s. It does such a great job of concealing blemishes and dark circles, all while not creasing, looking heaving and sliding down your skin in seconds. It’s also in a tube so it’s easy to throw in a purse for touch ups later. This can be found at online or at a makeup and beauty store.



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  • I just stumbled upon your blog. In the future – Butcher Paper works great for white wrapping paper and you can pick it up at most warehouse or restaurant stores. You can even find it at craft stores – white paper on a roll.. kids use it to color on.

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