Get the Look: Adele @ MTV’s 2011 VMA Awards

What bad can be said about Adele? She is stunning as a musician, songwriter and, as MTV’s 2011 VMA Awards confirmed, is just plain talented. Tragedy seems to strike when famous fashionistas hit the red carpet, but such was not the case for Adele who let her 50s inspired look carry her through the night to a stunning performance. Let’s check out this gorgeously voluptuous lady’s look!



















1. The Dress: Adele chose a gorgeous black piece by Burberry with a wooden tribal embellishment on the the neckline. The three-quarters length sleeves and wide boat-neck open up her chest and create a lengthening effect to her body. For a curvy body like Adele’s make sure you choose a piece that has nice structure at the waistline but skims across your lower half. Pleats add extra bulk, but embellishment on the neckline, especially one that travels up and down, will draw the eye up and help with the illusion of length and slimming. A dark, solid color adds makes any look clean.

2. The Shoes: Adele does have on some sheer hosiery which adds to the 50s inspired vintage look this lady is always emulating, but the shoes, oh the shoes are what I love! The detail in her velvet shoes for this look just makes me so excited. I love the orange piping around the edges contrasting with the blocked out black of the rest of the look. A pair of heels will always make you look longer, but a pair that catches the eye and has lines that draw the eye outward make you look leaner.

3. The Beauty: Let’s just give it up: Adele is so gorgeous she could be wearing anything. She chose to blow out her hair in the poof/wave of the 50s, put a pop of color on her cheeks and is rocking a nice pair of false eyelashes, but what got me were her lips. A singer should have good lips! The Nars brand nude lipstick shown here will block out your pout but has a hint of rose so you don’t look washed out.

Adele is lovely.


By Rebecca Alexander Pickrel, Fashion Contributor

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