Get The Look: Katherine Heigl- Cover Of January Elle Magazine


“I’ve never really been America’s sweetheart… I had ’em for a second thinking maybe I was. And then I opened my mouth, and it was very clear I wasn’t. There’s so much of my mother’s caustic, sarcastic, irreverent take on things. But I also love and embrace it.” –Katherine Heigl

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It’s kind of comforting to know there are others out there like you, that get you. If you are the organizing type, you connect well with type “A’s.” If you are the more artsy type, you connect better with the art gallery crowd. If you are like me, you connect with people like Katherine Heigl (minus the irreverent bit) who is sarcastic, witty, blunt, out there, and at times needs to just shut her mouth. You see, I tend to have somewhat of a sarcastic bent running through my blood, and sometimes people don’t get that, so I get blank stairs from time to time and find myself in an awkward moment. However, it’s not a mean sarcasm, just funny, light-hearted and sometimes just a little “passive aggressive” honesty. Or it could be just the audience in my head cheering me on that causes me to bust up laughing before I can even finish what I am saying.

But beyond Katherine’s enticing personality, she is a fantastic actress whose looks range from normal girl/mom next door, to a glamorous, knock out beauty. She’s pretty with or without makeup, lucky girl. So here’s a glimpse at how to copycat her look from the January Elle Cover.



Primer: Reviva/Foundation:Makeup Forever HD Foundation Concealer:Dermablend Quick Fix/Highlighter: Borghese


Camouflauge Brush/Blending Brush/Foundation Brush


Eyeshadow: Wet and Wild 249 Vanity


Tarte Picture Perfect Lash Curler/Tarte Lights Camera Lashes/Too Faced/Perfect Eyes Liner in Perfect Brown


Blush Brush/Angle Liner Brush/Shadow Brush/Crease/blender brush


Bronzer: Laura Geller Blush and Brighten baked bronzer in Honey Dipped Lipstick: Estee Lauder in Amourose- discontinued.


How To Guide

Step 1: First moisturize your skin, then add your primer which helps to conceal appearance of pores, wrinkles etc. Next apply a small amount of foundation towards the center of the face and blend outwards with your foundation brush. Then conceal under eyes  or anywhere else that needs it and top your upper cheek bones with a highlighter for added skin brightening.

Step 2: With the shadow brush, use the light Wet & Wild shimmer shadow under brow bone, on the inner half of your lower eyelid and into tear-duct. Then apply the medium gold shade to the outside half of your eyelid, blending the two together.

Step 3: Using the crease brush, blend the darkest brown shade shadow into the crease. Then use the Too Faced liner to line the upper eye making sure to not go to far towards the center of the eye.

Step 4: With the Angled Liner Brush, use the darkest brown shadow again and apply it right under the lower lash line blending it towards the tear duct but not all the way. Next take the Too Faced liner and go over the shadow to create definition and added smoke to the eye.

Step 5: Now take your lash curler and curl those babies! Top them off with some mascara and you are ready to rock….almost. is pretty much impossible for me to get her hairstyle as I have long hair. But I teased my hair anyways which ended up being a joke since my hair decided to be an electricity plant. Needless to say, I did end up with a little body. yay…


Just add your bronzer and a nude or bright lipstick and you are done! Now for fashion, Becca seriously rocked this one out, you will love it!



From bold contrasted colors, over-sized jewelry, platform shoes, chiffon blouses and billowy dresses, the overwhelming trends in fashion this new year are founded on the basics from the 1970s. As Katherine Heigl graces the cover of ELLE magazine this January, her signature looks follow suit.


1.  Chiffon Blouses: You can find these everywhere in stores right now, so even the faint at fashion heart can access this top trend in a form she is secure with. Chiffon is a gorgeously textured material that screams femininity, yet, when paired with structured shoulders and strong cuffs, its lack of form brings solidarity and polish to any look. Go for a chiffon top in a solid color that you can layer with contrasting textured pieces, like a fitted pant, pencil skirt or nice blazer. (– $17.00)

2.  Cigarette Cropped Pants: Contrary to popular belief, there is a taper-legged pant that will look good on any body type, especially in black. If there is one thing Heigl did right in this shoot it was slipping into those cropped black pants she is wearing. Not only are they flattering, but they are a perfect pairing for the unstructured blouse she is wear above. Slip into a pair made from a material with a little bit of stretch and you’ll be hard-out to find a top they won’t pair well with. The cropped length looks good on everyone, but they must hit only two finger widths above your rounded ankle bone, otherwise they won’t seem as dressy and can make you look chopped into pieces. ($45.oo)

3.  Metallic Belt: The silver of Heigl’s belt dresses up the softness of her half tucked-in flowing belt. The looped metal makes a bright pop with and draws in the waist on the pant to create a clean, menswear inspired look. Choose a thin belt, who’s width will not cut your off in an unwanted manner and one that you don’t have to cinch down on to close around you waist; you should still be able to eat when you are wearing your belt.  (– $11.00)

4.  Flowing Wrap Dress: A wrap dress is flattering on almost anyone because it masks our dangerous midsections! One with a v-neckline, very popular in the 1970s, is even more so flattering because it open up the chest and shoulders to create a lengthening of the eyes and neck, essentially slimming your silhouette. The belled arms on Heigl’s dress gives you a perfect flashback to the movement of polyester fabric and bell-bottoms we traditionally associate with the 1970s. ( $44.00)

5.  Chunky Gold Jewelry: Three years ago if you would have told me I would have gold jewelry be a part of my wardrobe I would have thought you were crazy, but now I can’t keep my hands off of it. In each one of these photos, Heigl has chunky 70s inspired jewelry on contrasting the flow in the material of her dress and blouse. Look for gold cuff bracelets to offset the femininity of a spring dress with structure, or go for a long stack of bangles in several different metallic shades. Heigl’s knotted necklace continues the mashup between femininity and structured life hidden in the fashion and politics of women in the 70s. (Black and Gold Bangle set:$19.00. Matt Gold Wide Cuff: $24.00. Vicki ii Gold Knot Necklace: $29.00.)

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