Get The Look: Taylor Swift Cover Of February Vogue

Like most days here in Portland, I am usually running for cover trying to avoid a torrential downpour since you kind of get laughed at if you use an umbrella here. Why? I don’t know, it’s a Portland thing I guess…or we are just too lazy to bust one out at every drop of rain. One of my favorite spots on a rainy day is Barnes and Noble where I can grab a stack of magazines to flip through and sip a cup of coffee. So while perusing the racks, I couldn’t not notice Taylor Swift on the cover of Vogue because I had to look twice to make sure it was her! She looked ridiculously stunning, like she finally stepped out of the “cute little country singer” box people put her. She looks a bit more grown up. I like her either way though as I am a bona fide (non creepy) fan.



1. blush brush/angled liner brush/med. shadow brush/contour brush

foundation brush/ blending brush/concealer brush


Nars Duo Eyeshadow in All About Eve/Too Faced Perfect Eyes in Black/Bobbi Brown Matte Brown Single Shadow/Lorac Matte Black Shadow


Makeup Forever HD Foundation #120/Dermablend Quick Fix concealer in Beige/ Korres Blush #18 Peach/Jane Iredale Lip Drink SPF 15


Start by using a light shade under your brown bone for highlight with the med. size shadow brush. Then Use the Nars duo, placing the shade on the right side of palette onto your full lower lid with the same brush. Next with your contour brush, use the Nars Duo shade on the left, and blend back and forth.

This is a definite cat eye look, which means connecting the upper lash line corners with the outside bottom lash line. So lightly trace the upper lash line extending it past the outside corner and connecting it with a sideways “v” like “>” to the bottom outside lash line. Then trace along the lower lash line and connect the inside corner of eye with the upper. The inside connections should not be nearly as heavy as the outside. Also line your water line, top and bottom. Remember- you can always add more.

Take your matte black shadow and trace over the dark line with your angled liner brush, perfecting that outside corner. Next take the matte brown shadow and soften the edges of the dark line on the bottom lash line with the same brush so it doesn’t look so stark


Taylor Swift Photo Credit

I did my eyes first, and then I used a little bit of the foundation on my skin and a tiny bit of concealer under the eyes and around the nose. I finished this look with some coral blush on my cheeks and some yummy chapstick. Oh and the hat was sort of a fail. I bought it at H&M for this look and it just wasn’t the right shape. Oh well.

The Fashion By Rebecca Pickrel


Knit-Top: I am a covert, avid knitter, shh don’t tell, but I have an aversion to wearing knit material that is bulky and chunky. Yet, when I saw this cable-knit sweater on Miss Taylor I was inspired to try again. She has several good things going on for her: the material is lightweight, the blue and chartruse color-blocking really draws out her eyes and the cuffed sleeves make her wrists look tiny! When searching for a great sweater top be sure to find one that isn’t too bulky for your body. go with a hip-pocket length and a thinner material to eliminate the appearance looking too square. Pieces with more intricate detailing, like the one Taylor is wearing with cuffed sleeves, add interest and femininity to a dull sweater.
Hat: The show-stopping piece here is the soft, felt hat they chose to put her in. Not only does it draw your attention to her eyes, but it plays up the shape over her face really nicely. Hats are really versatile creatures, especially here in the Northwest where is rains nonstop, and they come in all shapes sizes and colors. The key to finding a hat fit for you is to try it on in front of a full length mirror so you can look at how the hat works, not only with you face shape, but with your body as a whole.
Color-Scheme: Not only does the cornflower blue and chartreuse combination on Swift’s sweater ring-true to the 1970s theme playing out here, but the colors really bring her eye and hair color to life. If you remember the color wheel from elementary school art class, you’ll know that complimentary colors can really bring each other to life, even though that is the extent of my training in color theory, we can see it live and in action in these photos.
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