Get the Look: Zooey Deschanel on Marie Claire May 2012

Photo from Marie Claire shot by Tesh


My friend Becca who does the fashion posts on Citizens Of Beauty told me that we should do a “Get The Look” on Zooey Deschanel, cover of Marie Claire. I actually had not seen it yet when she suggested it, and I am glad she did because A) I really like Zooey B) she played Jovie in ELF, and C) she just looks good in this shoot.

When you look at her pics, you will notice that this has a tiny bit of an 80’s flash back feel to it. I am a child of the 80’s so I am totally cool with it.  Also- if you ever feel the need for an 80’s makeup…well, here you go friends! Enjoy!


All of the shadow were from the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2: Blackout, Pistol, Verve,copper and snake bite.

Makeup Tutorial

Base the eyes with the copper shadow and then highlight under brown and into tear duct with verve.

With the Blackout shadow and a flat shadow brush, press the black shadow all over lower eyelid. Next take a round brush with short bristles (like shown above) to create a rounded effect with the shadow on outside corners of eyes. With the brush and the blackout shadow, start at the inner eye almost near nose and make an oval shape, extending past the outer eye and then sweeping under the eye. Now just fill in the oval shape you created with the black shadow.

Take more of the Verve with a clean brush and blend the harsh corners of blackout that is under the eyebrow. Now take the Snakebite and soften the under eye, connecting it in the inside corners with an angled liner brush. Make sure to line the water line with a black liner and then finish the look  with mascara.

Walla…..Finished Product

Now For The Fashion!

I like to pretend that the quirkiness of Zooey Deschanel is the same that lives in me.  Marie Claire used the word dorkability to describe her this month. Her oddity is what makes her lovable right? Deschanel comes from a Hollywood family {dad the cinematographer, mom and sister the actresses} so her rise to fame is no surprise. She screams femininity and some have even ridiculed her for her old-fashioned mannerisms, but just because she appears meek doesn’t mean she cannot hold her own. {Little father-daughter side note: My dad always encouraged me to be feminine but never allowed me to be weak. The two do not coincide.} Maybe that is what I love about Deschanel: her mashup of femininity, whit and dorkiness. I wish I could sit down and have a cup of tea with her; old soul to old soul.

The cover photo of Marie Claire this may has Deschanel wearing an amazing white v-neck dress with her magnetic blue eyes popping out at you through her infamous bangs. The website of the magazine has her enveloped in a shoot dubbed Dark Matter. Some have raved about the looks they developed for Deschanel in this shoot, but I am not loving them myself.  Yes the shoot helped her escape her fashion rut, but that isn’t always a good thing.

Deschanel rocks some sweet Gucci Ready-To-Wear items on her editorial spread. Continuing with their Dark Matter theme, Marie Claire designers put Deschanel some rock and roll inspired pieces for the editorial images inside the magazine.Let’s take a peek!

First, who doesn’t need black heels? Choose a pair with little embellishment so they can be worn with anything; the platform on Deschanel’s pair here will make any heel more comfortable. Second, a cropped leather jacket on Deschanel’s curvy waistline. Find a leather jacket with good fit and simple detailing; the biker/bomber style will always be a trend. Third, dramatic gold jewelry in order to create a strong focus point for all her looks. This gold cuff is a good piece to dress up any arm bearing look. I am personal fan of the deep-v Gucci dress they used for the cover shot because a dress with a v-neck will look good on everyone!


-Kendra Stanton Your Witty Beauty Guide and Portland, OR Makeup Artist.

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