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“I think every woman willing to uplift another and build others up is a citizen of beauty. I couldnt pick just one woman in my life who meets the Citizen of Beauty criteria because they all are in some way. ” -Lana


Thank you to all of you who entered this fun giveaway! I am also grateful to hear about who is the “citizen of beauty” in your life. It’s important to stop, recognize, and honor those who have made an impact in our lives. But in addition to that,  it is also important to identify what makes you a beautiful person. It seems that we can often recognize the beauty in another, but we fail to see the unique beauty we are. I am not just talking about physical beauty, but the one that makes people truly enjoy your company!

If you all feel so inclined, I would love to hear more about who your “citizen of beauty” is, or how you believe you are one! Have a lovely day!

*”The Citizen of Beauty in my life is my mom. She’s an intelligent, level headed, strong woman and has always been there for my dad, sisters and myself!”- Kara

*”A citizen of beauty in my life is my sister.  She uses very little to “make” herself beautiful…and she exhibits qualities that I consider to be beautiful.”- Diana

*”My citizens of beauty are my adopted sisters: Frances, Angela, Christie, Amanda and Rebecca also known as The Buckleys. They have helped me through so much and managed to stay beautiful no matter what.”- Dez

*”My citizen of beauty is my mom who knows what is inside is what really counts.  She has always told me I’m beautiful even during my awkward, ugly days.” -Amy

*”Virginia Morall my good friend is my citizen of beauty as she is so at peace with who she is.” -Ejoy24

*”The citizen of beauty in my life is my mom.  She wasn’t able to have kids so she adopted 3 kids from south korea.   She was able to give 3 children a home and family that would have otherwise grow up alone and in (most likely) poverty.  She loves being a mom, and now grandmother.  She has always been there for me and helped me through many difficult times in life.  She has survived skin cancer and most recently uterine cancer.  She had to have her uterus removed.  She as strong and beautiful as she always has been and I admire her for not letting the cancer beat her down emotionally.”-Bonnie

*”A citizen of beauty in my life would definitely be my sister, she’s beautiful inside and out even when she’s not trying to be by wearing makeup, she doesn’t think of herself as being pretty at all…. but isn’t what’s on the inside that really counts?” -Amber

*I have three close girlfriends who each have four children and have faces that just radiate love and quiet strength. Someday I would love to join the four children club.” -Ariel

*”My citizen of beauty is my mom. She beat breast cancer. She’s my hero.” -Frances

*”The citizen of beauty in my life would be my best friend! We have stuck together through thick and think and she even taught me a few tricks for beauty! she is definitely my go to beauty girly!” -Alyssa

*”A citizen of beauty in my life is my grandmother. She is a natural beauty and was the one to get me my first beauty purchase (a Dior perfume, Chanel lip gloss and Mac blush). She was also the one who took me shopping for my sweet 16 dress since she has way better taste than my mom. I adore her and her fashionista ways and appreciate her classic taste.” -DeeG

*”My citizen of beauty is my older cousin. She is like my sister and I have always looked up to her because she is so gorgeous. It has become our tradition that whenever she’s down for the summer she does my “model makeup” and we take picture haha. I love the way she does her makeup and am always asking for makeup help from her!” -Isabella

*”My Citizen of Beauty is my little cousin. She always asks me to do her makeup and asks me for tips, but she always reminds me how much natural beauty exists!” -Angelika

*”I am a mom of 2 little girls, 3 & 5 yrs old, and I am their role model. Beauty and make up and taking care of myself is not only important for me to do for myself, since I am so busy, but it’s also important that my daughters see that taking care of our selves is something important that each girl and woman must do! I am nurturing strong, empowered and confident little woman, make-up is just one of the many tools I use to nurture myself!” -Celeste

*”Citizen of Beauty is definitely my Mom. She rarely ever wears makeup, only on special occasions & she’s taught me that you don’t have to wear makeup to be beautiful.” -Nicole

*”My citizen of beauty is my mom because she’s always there when i need her no matter what.” -Colleen

*”With Granny’s BIG birthday coming up…I have to say she is my citizen of beauty.  At 100 not only has she stayed fit and beautiful on the outside, her character, inner strength and outlook on life have kept her young and beautiful on the inside. I truly admire her character and faith in the Lord.  She truly is a Proverbs 31 woman.” -Mandy

*”My Grandmother Georgia Leigh. When I was young I was amazed by how beautiful she always was. I believed no one else had a grandmother like mine. She was classy and gorgeous and never seemed aware of it. When she came to visit I couldn’t wait to go through her makeup. She smelled great too. I will never forget her scent. Ever.” -Tamara

*”My Citizen of Beauty is my mommy, she is a has been my rock in distance she is always there when i need advice is hard living in another country away from her! but our love is stronger the this distance.” – MakeupNation

*”My citizen of beauty is my grandmother.  when she was 10 years old she was burned 85% of her body, she was told she would never be able to walk again, boy were they wrong. she finally got out of her wheelchair sometime later and went on to marry.  Because of the severity of her burns she struggled to give birth to two beautiful girls having several miscarriages in between, and she pursued her  life long dream of becoming a barber! when she was five she went with her dad to his barber and said thats what she wanted to be when she grew up and he said “silly girl, women can’t be barbers!” so when she was grown she became a cosmetologist, and then went on to be the greatest barber ive ever known! she has always been there for me basically raised me and she always taught me the importance of looking good by taking care of my skin and hair, how to properly put on makeup, and never giving up on your dreams. ive been a cosmetologist for two years and working under her at at her shop “rebel barber shop” in natchez ms.  she is 72 yrs old and says she will never retire! she says when she dies she will be buried with her barber chair, and she will die doing what she loves!.she is such an inspiration to me and  i love her so much and if i win this…ill give her a makeover!!!” -Melly

*”The citizen of beauty in my life is my mom.  She has given me advice where I need it and has taught me everything that I know about accepting who I am.” Sarah

*”The citizen of beauty in my life would have to be my Mom, she is a Breast Cancer survivor and even going through the chemo and all she stayed beautiful and she is my biggest fan. She supports me no matter what.” -Stephanie

*”The citizen of beauty in my life is my bff. She is gorgeous and always well groomed. She keeps me motivated to take care of my appearance and she is beautiful on the inside too!”-Rhiannon


Thanks Ladies-Kendra


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