Glam Skeleton Makeup for Halloween

Today I am showing you my version of glam skeleton makeup for Halloween! I first created it on my Facebook live and then decided to do is again for Youtube and my blog so that you all could re-create the look. A few years ago I did a Scarecrow Halloween Makeup tutorial that everyone loved, so I am hoping you like this just as much. As a makeup artist, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so fun to dress up for even as an adult! While this Halloween makeup might be a little bit more complicated than a scary skeleton mask, I feel like you could easily have fun creating this look for your Halloween costume.




What you need for your Glam Skeleton Makeup for Halloween Costume

How to do a skeleton makeup look that is a little glam

For this glam skeleton makeup for halloween, you only need a few things. You can get the Flash Palette from makeup forever (here is a similar palette for way less) or you can find some black and white creams from amazon or a local drugstore. Finding what you need to make this scary halloween look should be the easy part. You will also need some shimmery powder that has a pearl-like appearance and  the Callisto eyeshadow from NARS. Honestly, there is no other eyeshadow like it. It creates almost a black light feel without having black light. You need it for this look.




Step by Step Guide for Creating a Glam Skeleton Face

Glam Skeleton makeup tutorial for halloween

So, here are the step by step instructions for creating this glam skeleton look at home for you halloween party. But just a warning, there are many steps.

  1. Add your white cream from the Flash Palette to the areas of the face that need to be highlighted. Center of the forehead, above the cheek bones,  between the lower cheekbone and jaw. You want also highlight on the chin and then add the white cream over the lips as well.
  2. Trace with a black cream and a really fine point liner brush under the cheek bones where you would normally contour. Blend everything out. If you have too much black cream, just wipe off your brush and keep blending. Etch out under your cheeks with a black powder eyeshadow.
  3. Then you want to do the same thing your temples.
  4. Next, take a shimmery powder eyeshadow and brush it over the white cream to give your skin an illuminated look.
  5. Now for the creepy skeleton teeth, you need to make. Take your fine pointed eyeliner brush and black cream and make half diamonds or triangles on the upper lip. You can make the point go beyond your lip line. Then do the same thing on your bottom lip but make sure the points are facing down. Then place your shimmery powder over the white space of the teeth. You can also add the callisto eyeshadow.
  6. It’s all about the eye sockets for this Halloween makeup. I think the eyes are the easiest part to do. You create a circle around the eye with the black cream and fill in the lower eyelid as well. Then go over that with black powder eyeshadow and blend it out with an eyeshadow blender brush. Next, go over that with the callisto eyeshadow to illuminate.
  7. Now take the callisto eyeshadow and sweep it under your cheek bone in the hollow area, on your temples, and in the center of your nose.
  8. To finish your eyes, create a simple winged eyeliner and connect it under the lower lash line.
  9. Next, create some cracks in the face. Think of making veins on the face in the dark area of the cheek bones, under the eyes and on the sides of the forehead.
  10. That is pretty much it! Enjoy your creepy glam skeleton face!


I hope you guys have fun creating this Glam Skeleton Halloween Makeup look for your costume! Let me know if you have any questions!




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