Gorgeous Spring 2014 Limited Edition Shiseido Eye Color Bar (Review + Eye Designs)

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Today is a good day because I am reviewing the ah-maz-ing limited edition eye color bar from Shiseido. As a makeup artist, Shiseido is one of those brands that myself and other makeup artists gush about! So make sure to read my review and check out the four eye design looks I created from this eyeshadow palette (if you like them…don’t forget to pin them).


Shiseido limited edition color bar review




Shiseido Limited Edition Eye Color Bar Review





Shiseido Eye Color Bar Review


Brand Overview: “NEW! The Limited Edition Eye Color Bar includes 9 uniquely beautiful new shades created especially for this holiday season by Dick Page! The palette includes 7 distinct colors and 2 transformative shades with polarized pearls that allow you to create customized colors and textures through layering. The Limited Edition Eye Color Bar is an exquisite expression of Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page’s philosophy, “Makeup should be fun!”

My Thoughts: Are you kidding me? How gorgeous and versatile is this Shiseido Eye Color Bar? It has such a cool variety of colors that I was so excited to have in my beauty room to play with on my eyes. Also, the price (below) is really good in my opinion for 8 eyeshadow shades. All of these eyeshadow colors are really big, so to me, this is a good deal! Now, let’s look at the actual eyeshadow colors.

Price Tag: $50.00


Shiseido Eye Color Bar Swatches

Shiseido eye color bar review and swatches


I am going to be doing my swatches starting at the top row, far left. FYI: none of these colors have names attached to them in this palette.

shiseido eye beauty bar color swatchesFar Left Color: This is a very vivid blue shade that is really creamy and easy to apply. It is highly pigmented, a little goes a long way and it is very true to color on the eyes.

Middle Color: A very bright plumb purple color that again, is very creamy, highly pigmented, and easy to apply.

Far Right Color: I love this color! It is a cream color that has a bit of an iridescent look to it. It reminds me of the MAC Vanilla pigment.

Shiseido Eye Color Bar Review


Far Left Shade: This is a cool brown shade that is creamy, highly pigment, and easily blendable. Great for the contour of the eye.

Middle Shade: I love this dark black eyeshadow. It is also very creamy, highly pigmented, easily blendable. Perfect to create a super sexy, smoky eye!

Far Right Shade: This is a warm brown eyeshadow color. Again, very creamy, highly pigmented. super blendable.

Shiseido Eye Color Bar Swatches Review


Far Left Color: This very nude eyeshadow is also very iridescent and has a beautiful pink glimmer to it. This one seems like an every day color choice to me. It’s very beautiful! Also very creamy and non-flaky.

Middle Color: I would say that this is more of a maroon shade. This would look pretty on a lot of eye colors and would also be something I would pull out for next fall. It is creamy, highly pigmented, and lovely.

Far Right Color: This is a pretty matte, bright emerald shade. It is very pigmented, very creamy, and I love it. It’s very spring-ish in my opinion.


Shiseido Eye Color Bar- Eye Designs

Shiseido Eye Color Bar Eye Design



Shiseido eye color bar review



Shiseido Limited Edition Eye Color Bar Review


Thoughts. Opinion. Rating

This Shiseido Eye Color Bar eyeshadow palette is one of the better palettes I have tried. Every color was very creamy, highly pigmented, and true to color on my eyes. I also loved that they were so easy to blend…it’s like the shadows melted into eachother in a good way. My favorite color was the bottom far left shade (nude color), I think it would be gorgeous over the top of the green, blue, and purple shades; blending those together would be gorgeous.

Also, I think that this palette would work for not only the eyeshadow savvy, but the eyeshadow curious. It has a lot of eyeshadows to play with and you could always use the neutrals primarily, and then accent around the lash line with the more poppy shades. I am a big fan of this palette, there is nothing I don’t like about it and the price is fantastic. I also like the packaging. Are you kidding me? I want to blow it up into a larger size and put it in my house on the wall. (Do you hear me Shiseido?)

Rating: I am in love with you (5 points)


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Note* These products were given to me for an honest review from a PR company. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.


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