Get Graphic With Your Eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner is one of those trends this spring 2015 season that can either look cool or completely creepy. I am hoping this makeup tutorial falls in the second category. I mean, I liked seeing all of the new fun and expressive makeup trends being rocked on the runway, but some of it…like the crazy graphic liner, needs to stay only for the stage.  So today we are toning down the trend, and I will show you a way to do it without scaring your friends, family, and children.

If you aren’t familiar with the graphic eyeliner trend, it’s basically just being more creative with your liner. I have seen it done in some very interesting ways, but today we are going to make it similar to a vintage eyeliner look, minus the major swoopy tale at the end. I am also going to show you how you can easily get this look by using the Jane Iredale Mysticol Pen and a lipstick color that suits it well.

Are you ready for this rockstar look? I am.

spring 2015 makeup trend

What Products You Need

jane iredale eyeliner


Honestly, you just need one product for this look, and it’s a dark black eyeliner. Like I said before, I am using the Jane Iredale Mystikol eyeliner and highlighter in Onyx to create the look. I am using this one because it has a thicker tip making it much easier to get the thicker line that I need. Plus, I love that it has the highlighter on the other end, and I can also use this eyeliner to create an awesome smoky eye. I will save that for another post.

If you haven’t used the Mystikol eyeliner and highlighter before, a little goes a long way, and the actual eyeliner product is in the cap of the eyeliner. I have these in a bunch of different colors and have used them since they debuted a few years back. They are perfect for putting in your purse if you want to take a daytime look to an evening look in a matter of moments.

Jane Iredale Mysticol Eyeliner and Highlighter in Onyx $20.00 FOUND HERE OR HERE


Get The Look

how to get the graphic eyeliner trend

I feel like this is more of an edgy makeup look rather than a classic vintage liner look. So, before you begin the trend, take a deep breath and try and step into your alter ego, rockstar self. I am going to pretend for a moment (or until my kids start screaming moooom), that I am a combo of Gwen Stefani and Lana Del Rey and take this look to the grocery store in absolute style.  Because that’s what I am doing after this.

Step 1: Using the Mysticol Eyeliner, start at the inner corner of your lash line using just the tip so that the beginning of your line isn’t super thick. Then make the line thicker as you trace the lashline by  pressing the entire side of the liner as you go along. We are going to make this line pretty straight, so don’t the classic vintage tale as you get to the end. Instead, extend the line past your natural lash line and then connect it to the base of your lash line in a sideways ‘v’ like angle.

Step 2: lightly trace along the bottom lash line until you get halfway. For a true graphic-liner-look, make sure that the line is a little thicker.

Step 3: Last just highlight under your brow bone using the highlighting end of your Jane Iredale Eyeliner. I also used this to highlight in the corner of my eyes for added highlight.

jane iredale lip plumper in Montreal

To go with my look I used the Jane Iredale Just Kissed lip plumper in Montreal. It’s a really pale red-tint lip plumper that slighlty tingles when you apply it. Some lip plumpers are annoying because they actually burn your lips, this one does not; it has a more peppermint-tingle-sensation to it. With that said, I can’t say that my lips notice much of an improvement in fullness, but it sure does feel refreshing on my lips. FOUND HERE OR HERE

graphic eyeliner trend 2015

In this photo I am getting my alter-ego on. Sometimes when you put makeup on a new way, you have to have a new attitude to go with it. Am I right? Also, I am totally rocking my husband’s t-shirt because my prego belly is starting to no fit in anything. If you follow me on Istagram, you can see more baby-bump pics.

What new trends are you trying lately? Are you going to experiement with this graphic eyeliner trend?



Note* While I have been a long time lover of these products from Jane Iredale, these products were given to me by a PR company. There are affiliate links within this post, please see disclosure page for details.

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