Guest Post: Fashion Meets Function

Today, I am so excited to bring to you a guest post by the super-sweet and oh-so-fashionable blogger at She pulls together some of the cutest outfits and I personally find myself inspired by her creativity and I kind of want to copycat her style. So I asked her to put together a post of how a mom can wear clothing that is functional and yet still amazingly hot and trendy. So, with out further “adieu”…or whatever, I introduce to you Sarah!


Hello all you citizen’s of beauty! My name is Sarah and I blog about my daily life and fashions over at Frills for Thrills. Like Kendra, I am a beauty-loving mama to a new baby and I am also married to a pastor. Most people have a twisted view of what a pastor’s wife should be/look like. Mostly including mom jeans, giant turtleneck sweaters, and minimal make up. And a lot of people will think we are materialistic if we care about outward adornment. Well, just like any woman we too want to feel beautiful. SHOCKER! Which is why I love having a fashion blog. Not only am I out to prove the world wrong about what a pastor’s wife should be, but I want to inspire women of all ages to dress appropriately and attractively while staying within a budget.

Putting effort into my appearance has been challenging with a newborn. Not only am I short on time, but once I’m all done up I usually get drooled on, pooped on, or puked on. My shirts are almost always stretched in weird directions from nursing, but the kind of shirts that don’t stretch turn into a hassle most days. Not to mention all the bending a lifting I do while carting my son around… the last thing I need to worry about is if my neck/waistline are exposing too much! So if you’re anything like me, I thought I’d share my go-to outfits for three types of occasions.

This first look is something I wear to the grocery store or a doctor visit. I’m not going to be out long and hopefully won’t bump into anyone I know, but in case I do, I’m still recognizable. The key is to wear one visually interesting piece (i.e. something colorful, textured, or patterned). And then you can get away with wearing the comfy stretchy stuff.

The next outfit is something I wear to church or to a friend’s house for dinner. A drapey shirt offers easy access for nursing on the go and is flattering when layered with something structured. A hat so I don’t have to worry about my hair, boyfriend jeans for comfort, and low heels for an extra touch of sass.

The last outfit I will show you is what I wear on a fancy party or date night out with my husband and without my baby. The main rule is that there are no rules! Wear something structured that zips up the back (since you won’t be nursing). Wear a higher heel than usual. Wear layers. Take a small clutch instead of the diaper bag.

Function is a mom’s best friend, so I hope these outfit examples help you look and feel better when you’re out and about! Come visit me at Frills for Thrills if you are interested in more : )

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  • Been looking for a couple trendy pieces of clothes for my daughter, it seems like fashion for any the fives and under
    is very seriously lacking style!

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