Hair Bombs, Frizz and Product

Some people when they wake up, look like sleeping beauty and we are really jealous of them (note* I am NOT talking about myself here) because we thought looking good when you woke up was just for the movies. But no, waking up good looking is a real thing for some people. Unfortunately for myself, besides the less than fresh smelling breath, my hair looks like frizzy tornado. By the way, I do have makeup on in the picture above because it was a nap. Anyways- last week when I was asked on my Facebook page by my friend and faithful reader Tara about what to do with Frizzy hair, I knew it was right up my ally. So here is my answer Tara…love you girl.

*Disclaimer- I am not a professional hair stylist, although I am friends with many, these are recommendations I follow from them.

1.) First Thing’s First- BLOW DRY YOUR HAIR RIGHT!

No you can’t just blast your hair with high heat if you have frizzy hair and expect it to be nice and smooth, it will just look flat against your head and frizzy. So you need a Blow dryer that has that nice little attachment piece that goes on the front. I don’t know what these are called but they look like a vacuum cleaner part. Next you need a round or flat brush that allows airflow from your blow dryer.

Once you have your anti-frizz hair product in your hair (will discuss below), put your blow dryer on low heat and blow dry your hair until in is about 70% dry. Then take your round or flat brush getting close to your roots and pull the brush through your hair while allowing the blow dryer to travel with you, blow drying that one piece you are combing through. Practice makes perfect and it get’s easier the more your do it.  Plus it saves you from additional heat damage and frizz.

2. Products

I tend to really like Paul Mitchells Smooth collection. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are a million and a half other options, but I LOVE the Super Skinny Relaxing Balm and the Smoothing Gloss Drops. Just add the Skinny Relaxing balm to your hair when it is wet and then once it is dry, add a tiny, tiny bit of the gloss drops to your hair. I add and the gloss drops more to the ends of my hair so it does not look greasy. Next if I need to I will flat iron my hair hair quickly on a low heat. If you have those little fly aways at the top of your head, get a stick of hair wax (I think Bed Head makes one), and lightly glide over those wispies going in the direction of the hair. This is what I do when I am working on hair for something that is a High Definition tv/film shoot.

Finished Hair

While this picture looks like a seatbelt advertisement…I assure you it is not. This was taken a few months ago…you get the point.

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