Halloween Beauty: Live TV Segment

 Halloween TV Segment

To me, Halloween is really an excuse to wear whatever I want, however I want, without getting weird looks. But just because I can get away with outlandish items doesn’t mean I really want to go completely crazy. You won’t see me dressed up like some adult version of Tinkerbell…I will leave that to my 3 year old (minus the adult version). So to keep thing’s simple and still be in the Halloween spirit, here are some simple ways you can alter your look without going completely over-the-top.

Check out my segment on KATU, AMNW from this morning! I always have a seriously good time with Dave, he is such a sport with always trying on my latest beauty items.


  1. Dress your eyes up with fantasy lashes that will make your eyes noticeably pop. There are so many fun ones in all different shades; you can even get some with feathers! I love using the ones from Wet n Wilds Fantasy Makers Collection, they are absolutely gorgeous! But get them fast because they go really quickly!
  2. Make your eyeshadow glow in the dark with Makeup Forever, Fluo Night.  You can add this to any eyeshadow, and when the lights go out, your eyes will be fluorescent and shining. If you don’t want to have glow-in-the-dark eyes, using a fun eyeshadow that is a bold color choice or something with sparkles is always a home run and really Halloween-ish.
  3. Get creative with your nails by adding in some fun Halloween nail art by INCOCO. If you aren’t the nail are type (like me), using a pre-made nail polish strip is the way to go. Incoco has some fun Halloween nail polish strips that are easy to apply. I will do a demo of them in a few days so you can see just how easy they are! I am in love with them.
  4. If you really want to do something fun, try fantasy contacts. You can get ones that resemble bird eyes, or are completely black. You could even try some that are in a different color than your natural shade.
  5. Alter your appearance with a wig! If you are blonde, go brown for the day! If you want to be a red-head, give it a try!


Thanks for watching you guys and have a great day!


note- incoco and Fluo Night by Makeup Forever were given to me by the brands per my request. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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  • Hey Kendra,

    Really like your idea for Glow in the Dark Eyeshadow, but I can’t seem to find Makeup Forever’s Fluo Night to purchase. It appears it used to be at Sephora, but I can’t find it online. Ideas? Thanks!!

  • I found these at Fred Meyers for like $2.99 on sale! I think you should just go crazy and do something fun!! You only get to do that one time out of the year…bright pink lashes!!!

  • Kendra!! Thanks for letting me live out my model dreams again on the show. I am so thankful that I didn’t have to wear the wig!

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