Highlighting Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

Want to learn how to use highlighting makeup tricks to look younger? With just the right highlighting tools and products, you can learn how to highlight your skin with cosmetics to look younger in minutes.  If you aren’t quite at the age where you need these anti-aging highlighting tricks, check out these tips on making your skin glow and add this post to your mental file for later in life (or share it with your mom). Also, I am giving props to my mom for being my model today! For being (almost) 54, she is looking pretty dang good and I am crossing my fingers I get her genetics in the aging department.

products needed to highlight your skin to look younger
highlighting tools

When it comes to highlighting your skin to look younger, you need to start with skincare first. One of my must-haves right now is the PCA Intensive Clarity Treatment with .05% retinol! This will not only help with fine lines and wrinkles, but it will help add luminosity to the skin.

  1. Beauty Blender
  2. Lightweight Foundation
  3. Highlighter without sparkles

Best Highlighting Products for Younger Looking Skin


Areas of your Face to Highlight to Look Younger

When I am doing makeup on a client that needs highlighting makeup tricks to look younger, I don’t do all that much contouring at all. As we age, our skin loses elasticity which can cause sunken cheekbones, sagging, plus fine lines and wrinkles; adding a skin lifting makeup effect vs. contouring is essential. In general, though, my goal as a makeup artist is to bring more light to the skin and to off-set those areas of the face that are gathering more darkness. These areas of the face that we see more sagging and loss of elasticity are typically the nasal labial folds (by the nose), around the mouth, the “11’s” in-between the brows, crows feet and jowls.

You can still do contouring to pop out your cheek-bones, but just be more light-handed- and highlight, A.K.A, more non-touring than contouring like I did in this makeup tutorial.

how to highlight your face using anti-aging makeup tricks to look younger

How to Highlight Your Face to Look Younger Tutorial

You can become a  highlight master with these makeup tricks to look younger rather easily; you just have to make sure you have the right makeup products and makeup instructions to do it. So, assuming that you are also investing and using the best anti-aging skincare available to you, here is the makeup trick I use to make my client’s skin look younger.

1. Prep your skin with your skincare and apply a lightweight foundation with your beauty blender or Artis brush. Using a lightweight foundation is very important since using a heavy one will only make your skin look terribly un-exfoliated. Then, use an illuminator or foundation that is two shades lighter than your skin tone and sweep it along your nasal labial folds (next to nose) and down towards the sides of your mouth with a foundation or concealer brush. Those areas gain the most shadows. Make sure to blend well.
2. Next highlight above your cheekbones; above where you apply your blush. You can check out how to do that in the cheekbone contouring tutorial.
3. To soften the “11’s” in-between your brows, highlight in-between them with the same highlighting product and brush.
4. Finish your highlighting around the deep  crevices of your nose, chin, and add a little highlighter above your lip line to make it appear fuller.

Finished Anti-Aging Highlighting Look Plus Anti-Aging Makeup and Beauty Tips Video


As you can see in the before and after picture from using these highlighting tips and tricks to look younger, my mom does look more youthful. Now, in order to keep everyone’s expectations intact, just remember, this is just makeup and basically an optical illusion. For more semi-permanent anti-aging results, check out my Botox experience and definitely step up your skincare game with skincare that actually does something.

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