Holiday Beauty Hacks for Busy Girls


I am busy. You are busy. We are all busy girls on the go who could use a few holiday beauty hacks to ensure that in a moments notice, we still look fly. You don’t need to spend an hour to look glam. I am all about beauty shortcuts because, let’s be honest, we women stack our lives high, and most of us don’t have the time to primp. However, we would still like to look as if we did. (It’s all smoke and mirrors, right?.)

holiday beauty hacks

These beauty hacks are for those of us who still want our beauty game to be on point regardless of our 5-minute time restraint. So, if you are a busy working girl, busy working mom, busy working stay at home mom,…this post is for you.  And—even if you can’t relate to being busy and your life consists of sleeping poolside every day drinking a mimosa while getting a massage, you can still score a few holiday beauty tips. Just don’t leave a comment telling us about your lax lifestyle…we will all start crying collectively.

sunless tanner for holiday

1)    Bronzed Baby: I am 100% positive that everyone looks at least 20% better when they are bronzed in a non-creepy and orange way. I think the beauty of using a self-tanner is that you can do it once a week, and your skin (especially your legs) will always be holiday party ready.  Plus, there is something about bronzed skin that instantly makes you look healthier and more vibrant…am I right?

Getting bronzed doesn’t have to be an absolute pain, though. For quick results, try the best sunless tanner, Way Too Tan Dark Hybrid Tanning Silicone. This product is what I call a two-for-one-er. It not only gives you’re a pretty glow, but it also contains organic anti-oxidants, and grape seed extract to protect and promote a healthier skin. You all know that I am all about anything that has skincare benefits.

holiday fragrance

2)    Fragrance Fancy:  Smelling fancy can take your beauty game from a 5 to a 10 in moments. Having a good fragrance is one of the best ways to dress-yo-self up quickly and without much effort at all, which is an obvious bonus for us busy girls. However, my friend’s, pay attention… if it’s the wrong scent…it will kill your game in mere seconds. People will start running from you instead of to you. So to avoid that situation altogether, choose your scent carefully.

Want my suggestion? Try the new limited edition Jessica Simpson tenth year anniversary fragrance, TEN. This floral and fruity scent has vanilla undertones that will make people passing by stop and swoon and maybe even think you are getting flirty. It also has white chocolate bean accord, sandalwood, tonka bean, and driftwood notes that smell delicious. This fragrance is a must have, and while wearing it, you quite possibly might forget that you are, in fact, a busy girl and think you are on a private island repping your inner bohemian spirit.

Also, you when you purchase any large Jessica Simpson spray, you will receive a complimentary signature tote bag at That’s a score.

flawless skin for the holidays

3)    Flawless: It’s a well-known fact that flawless looking skin doesn’t come naturally to most people. If it did, cosmetic companies everywhere would be dying left and right. So, since the majority of us struggle with things like redness, brown pigmentation,  and blemishes, we need a makeup solution that covers flaws efficiently while still looking like our natural skin. As a busy girl, that sounds nice and all, but I want a no-fuss product that makes my skin look flawless, fast because let’s get real, we don’t have time to look fabulous for the holiday party. But we want to look fabulous for the holiday party. 

MakeUp Forever carries one of my all time favorite foundations that looks so incredibly natural on the skin and covers quickly at the same time without having to use much product. I have used the ULTRA HD Invisible Cover Foundation for years on myself and clients for editorial, commercial, and bridal makeup work. It’s the primary foundation that I carry in my makeup kit. For longer lasting flawless results, and for even softer looking skin,  you can prime this foundation with the Step 1 Skin equalize and then apply the foundation in light layers to the t-zone and stretch it out.

double duty makeup for the holidays

4)    Double Up: Use a beauty product that doubles as something else to consolidate your get-ready time. Check out the  LAQA AND CO, Cheek and Lip Stain and they’re incredibly hydrating Lip Lube. These beauty products were formulated with us busy girl in mind, ensuring that we save time, and still get that gorgeous glowing skin.   LAQA AND CO are a  New York-based cosmetic company that creates multi-functional products (apparently they know we are slammed doing everything) that feature artwork by young artists who will each receive a cut of the profit. I love that. Just apply the Mixed Tape Cheeky Lip Pencil in the am for a morning holiday glow and add some sassy Lip Lube that will ensure glossed lips when needed.

What holiday beauty hacks are you planning to use this season?

xo, Kendra

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