Holiday Party Beauty Emergency Kit Essentials

You already know what holiday makeup look to wear, and what shoe pairs with that lip color. But do you know how to pack your purse for potential makeup blunders? Check out these holiday party beauty emergency kit essentials that are a must have for your purse.  You never know when a beauty melt down will happen, and since we have all been there done that, let’s at-least pretend that we are fully prepared. Since most handbags for special occasions are more of a clutch style and can’t hold a cosmetic isle amount of beauty products, you need to be more calculated with what you pack. So, ditch the 500 lipsticks that have made their way to the bottom of your bag and opt for more simple solutions to your makeup emergencies.

holiday party beauty survival kit for beauty emergencies.

If you want to know what beauty essentials to pack for your holiday party, take a peak into mine. I have simplified it to just 100 things 10 things to make life easier. Plus, they are great thing’s to have in-case, heaven forbid, you have a beauty emergency.

Holiday party beauty essentials for touch ups are a must have for just incase you experience a beauty emergency


mini makeup essentials for your holiday party beauty emergency.


  1. Mini Mascara: Having a mini sized mascara is a definite purse essential for holiday parties or other special occasions. When your eyes are the focus of your makeup look, having the option of a quick mascara re-touch if and when it starts to have a melt down, is key. Found Here
  2. Concealer: It’s never ideal to have dark under eyes or blemishes take over an otherwise beautiful makeup look. Thankfully concealer is there for our makeup emergencies. Found Here
  3. Lipstick: If you are like me, choosing a lipstick is hard when you have to choose one. Don’t over think this beauty essential. Just pack the lipstick you will be wearing on repeat all night and throw in a lip balm or gloss in case you get sick of it. If your blush wears off at all, just dab a little lipstick on for a refresh. Found Here

Make sure you have these beauty emergency must haves in your purse for your next holiday party!

4. Disposable Mascara Wand: Believe it or not, disposable mascara wands make great mini hairbrushes for on-the-go use. If you notice fly a ways happening in your holiday hair, just brush them down with a mascara wand. It’s as easy as that. Found Here

5. Dental Floss: Nothing is worse than realizing at the end of the night that you had a gigantic piece of black something in your teeth. Need I say more? Pack some floss, it’s a simple beauty essential for holiday party food aftermath.

6. Q-Tips: Even if you use waterproof everything, there is still a chance that you could take a peak in the mirror and find raccoon eyes. If this happens to you, a Q-tip will get it off pronto. Make sure to twist the Q-tip on the beauty blunder instead of swipe. Found Here

7. Bobby Pins: Always make sure to keep a few bobby pins handy in your beauty emergency kit, you never know when a piece of hair will find it’s way out of place. Found Here

beauty survival kit for makeup emergencies at your holiday party

8. Oil Blotting Paper: Holiday parties can get pretty cra-zy. I mean, I get it, when your scheming to get the best gift out of the white elephant gift exchange, you can sometimes experience a mini hot flash and have shine in all the wrong places. It’s at that point that you should bust out the oil blotting paper and gently pat down your face. Don’t rub it as that will rub off your makeup, just press and pat. Found Here

9. Lotion: A good lotion is always a purse essential. It’s like a security blanket for annoying dry skin, it’s just good to have it close by for just in case your legs go ashy and your hands feel dry. Found Here

10: Deodorant: Do I need to say more? Deodorant is just a good beauty essential to have on hand always. No body want’s to be the armpit offender at the party…or anywhere really. Found Here


Are you holiday party ready? Get these holiday party emergency essentials and be prepared for anything

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Are you prepared for a beauty emergency? Check out these beauty essentials for your makeup emergencies

What holiday party beauty essentials do you swear by in-case of an emergency?

xo, Kendra

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