How to Airbrush Your Eyeshadow


Learn to airbrush your eyeshadow using the Luminess Air airbrushing system. As a makeup artist and a consumer, I can easily use an airbrush machine not only to give a flawless face, but also a quick eye makeup look too. I will show you some tips on applying eyeshadow using a beauty gadget that professionals swear by and people love.

how to airbrush your eyeshadow with luminess airbrushing


Eyeshadow Airbrushing Essentials


Airbrushing on your eyeshadow is pretty straight forward as long as you have the right tools and know the basics of airbrush makeup. What’s so great about Luminess is that it’s for anyone who wants to learn how to apply airbrush cosmetics without being a professional. All you have to do is pin this post and watch a few tutorials. Keep in mind; practice makes perfect.

What You Need:

  • Luminess Air Airbrush Machine
  • Luminess Air Airbrush Eyeshadow

how to airbrush your eyeshadow on with luminess air

How to Airbrush Your Eyeshadow

If you are new to personal airbrushing, first go here and read about how to airbrush your makeup for a flawless look. Learning the basics of how to hold your stylus and how far away from the skin it should be is important. To get started with applying your eyeshadow, just use one or two of your preferred color into the bowl opening at the top of your stylus. That should be more than enough for both of your eyelids to start.

how to airbrush on your eyeshadow with Luminess air.

How Far Away Should the Stylus Be?

Once your eyeshadow color is ready, turn on your machine and hold your stylus about 4 inches away from your eyelid for proper application. If your stylus is too close to your eye, the air pressure might sting a bit, and the pigment could be blotchy. So, make sure you have the correct amount of distance to ensure that your eyeshadow application is right.

Now point the stylus towards one of your eyelids (keep one eye open so you can see what you are doing) and pull back the trigger slowly to dispense the eyeshadow. Remember that wherever you feel the air pressure on your eyelid is where your pigment is going. I like to use it on the entire bottom half of my eyelid and into the contour of my eye for a quick look. And, because the eyeshadow color is dispersed well, it looks blended as it’s applied.

Step by Step Tutorial

Learn how to airbrush your eyeshadow with Luminess air.

In this tutorial on how to airbrush your eyeshadow, I am using three colors that are pretty similar. When you are applying multiple colors, you can easily layer them to add depth and contour to the eye. If you mess up, the Luminess formula is water based, so making a quick fix is easy.

Get started by following the instructions above.

  1. Use shade-34 on your entire lower eyelid for a little splash of pink. Make tiny circular motions as you apply the liquid from your inner eye to the outside so that you avoid any splotchy-ness.
  2. Then use shade-11 in the contour of your eye with a short sweeping motion and small circles. I also did a sideways “>” on the outside of the eye to create a little more drama.
    Last, I used shade-28 along my upper and lower lashline. I finished the eye look using a black eyeliner and some mascara.
  3. Now that your airbrush eyeshadow look is complete finish the look by concealing any blemishes and using your airbrushing makeup for skin that glows. Also, make sure to check out the “how to” videos on the Luminess Air website for more in-depth personal airbrush training.

You can check out more on and even get a system with a fun color like I did! It was a tough pick betweek pink and blue. Just sayin.

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