How to Apply Black Eyeliner Easily

Let’s talk about the beauty basics of how to apply black eyeliner, shall we? Applying black eyeliner does not need to be complicated with these makeup tips and basic makeup essentials for getting perfectly lined eyes. All you need it an angled eyeliner brush and one black liner that will stay put once it’s on your lashline.

We’ve all seen it, black eyeliner that makes us cringe and feel a bit of empathy for the poor soul who applied it so tragically. I was that girl once –in middle school maybe—but her non-the-less. I remember how I awkwardly applied that black eyeliner and also how it managed to look so sadly uneven ranging from thick to skinny in no consecutive order. I was a makeup disaster with a mom who had no makeup inclinations beyond lipstick and mascara. In short, I had no one to teach me otherwise.

Years later, I somehow morphed into a makeup artist and was the one to show my mom the easiest way to apply black eyeliner. In addition, I have had the privilege of saving many budding teens and women from their eyeliner mishaps, and each time, I get that warm fuzzy feeling that I have done something good in the world.

Well, in order to keep the fuzzies going, today I am going to show you how to apply your black eyeliner in an easy and disaster-free way.

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First you want to have a black eyeliner—obviously. Your black eyeliner should not be stiff and hard to apply; you need it to be a little creamy but also long wearing so it doesn’t go anywhere once it sets. Then you need to have a good quality angled liner brush that has compact bristles.


How to Apply Black Eyeliner

get the basics of applying black eyeliner like a pro!

 1)   You want to make small dots along the base of you lash line. These dots should be almost pressed into you lash-line…so, super snug and tight.

2)   Then you take your angled liner brush and smooth over the dots, connecting them as you sweep along the base of your lash-line. If you went too light with your eyeliner, you could always do the same thing again to add more depth.

Get the basics on how to apply your black eyeliner like a pro!


I hope you enjoyed this simple beauty basics makeup trick!


Xo, Kendra

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