How to Conceal Dark Circles

Now that you know what my favorite undereye concealers are and the best ways to keep puffy and tired eyes away, it’s time to learn the beauty basics of how to conceal dark circles! For starters, though, you need to make sure that you have the correct product in order to make the concealing and hiding process go smooth for you. In other words, if you are using junk product, you aren’t going to get good results.  Just sayin.

If you read my blog post from yesterday, I gave you five of the best concealers for dark circles. But I must be honest, even then, sometimes you still need a corrector to go on first that counteracts the blue shade, and then you apply the concealer over that. So today, I am going to show you my go-to corrector and where I apply it along with some highlighting tricks that can also help your cause for beating the dark eye plague.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

the best makeup products to conceal dark circles, plus tons of concealer tips and tricks.


Here are the products that I am using today to correct and conceal my much despised–but wouldn’t have it any other way, mom eyes (as I call them).

  1. You need your favorite eye cream.
  2. For correcting the blue shade that comes from veins being more apparent, I am going to use the Face Stockholm blue corrector. It’s seriously amazing, and you need to own it right now.
  3. To balance out the pink tint from the blue corrector, I am going to use the Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer. This concealer will become your best friend, trust me.
  4. Next I am going to use a flesh tone highlighter. What I am using is the Jouer Cosmetics Age Repairing Brightener. It has light reflecting properties to make your eyes appear brighter.


Learn the beauty basics on how to conceal your dark circles using the best concealers.

  1. Apply your favorite eye cream
  2. With you a concealing brush, apply the blue corrector only on the areas that you are experiencing blue pigmentation. For most people, that is right above the upper cheek bone, close to the inner eye and sometimes underneath the lash line.
  3. Next you want to take your concealer and brush and go right over where you applied the blue corrector, blending it down towards the upper cheek bone.
  4. After you are done concealing, use a highlighter on the corners of your eyes and the top of your outer cheekbone. Make sure to blend the highlighter towards your undereye.


Here are my before and afters when using these correcting and concealing techniques for dark circles. I think the first one says it all, and the second one says…hey, I gave it all I got and I still have puffy eyes!


Learn how to conceal your undereyes like a pro!


Learn how to conceal your undereyes like a pro!

p.s- on this second shot, I have concealer around my nose and blemishes as well. I used the Dermablend.


Now that you know how to correct and conceal your dark circles, you can go about your day looking a little bit more rested…even if it’s totally not true. And–if you want to spread the love with your dark circle sisters, make sure to share this post via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram!

Have a great day everyone!


Xo, Kendra

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