Make Perfume with Mixologie

Have you ever wanted to make perfume? Lucky for you, now you can with the Mixologie Blendable Perfume Collection. I don’t know about you, but since my personality mood swings on the daily (blaming it all on hormones), it’s nice to have a mixable fragrance collection that can match or adjust said “energy/vibes.”

make your own perfume with mixologie


If you want to make perfume in a very easy way and also bust out your mixing skills, the Mixologie Blendable Perfume Collection is the way to go. There are 8 alcohol-free roller ball fragrance oils housed in a cute box that keeps them safe, plus mixing recipes for people like me who just start putting them all on at once.

Don’t try that. You will lose all friends in a matter of moments. It’s best to stick to the recipes or apply two or three fragrances at a time; friends there is always tomorrow to try another mix. And the beauty of this blendable perfume collection is that you get to learn to make your own perfume that expresses who you are on that particular day.

“Yeah, today I woke up and felt like I needed something on the rocks, so I mixed a splash of Tender, 2 splashes of Tenacious, and 2 splashes of assured. It’s going to be a good day.”

mix and make your own perfume with mixologie


mix your own perfume

Make Perfume Recipies

The amount fragrance combinations you can create are endless. I love all of these perfumes on their own, but it’s fun to be able to mix and make a personalized fragrance just for me. Check out the scent options.

Electric: citrus twist

Inspired: rose Floral

Tenacious: crisp vanilla

Sultry: wild musk

Free: ocean mist

Serene: Light Floral

Assured: natural

Tender: fruity

make your own fragrance combo


how to make your own fragrance


Have you ever wanted to make perfume that’s customized to you entirely? Mixologie makes it easy for us personality swinging people to be unashamedly different from day to day. Or, if you are pretty consistent (bless your soul), you can just pretend to relate by switching up your fragrance on the daily to make the rest of us feel a little more normal. Either way, having a sleek set of fragrances that allow you to make your own perfume is very awesome. And might I add, this would make an incredible gift for your fragrance loving friends? This gift says’s, “you are too unique to pinpoint a particular scent that represents you well…so, you can make your own perfume daily.” (Instant best friends right there.)

This entire rollerball Mixologie fragrance collection is $99.00, or you can purchase individuals for $19.00. That’s a steal for this kind of fragrance.

Have fun mixing!



note- this is a PR sample. All thoughts and opinions are my own.





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