How To Make Your Skin Look Older



If you want your skin to look older than it actually is, today is your lucky day and you are going to love me! I have a full list of 10 ways to get your skin on it’s way to prematurely looking older, more wrinkled, more saggy, more sunspots, and maybe even more leather-ish looking. I know you are excited, so go ahead, read along and let me know what you are doing to make your skin look older than it really is!


10 Ways To Make Your Skin Look Older

1)   Go in a tanning bed..especially the one that say’s it’s more healthy for you because that makes a lot of sense. If you have a teen daughter, get her started on this process as early as 14 so her skin can look 23. Make sure to go with her so you can sign the parental consent and definitely purchase her (and you…this is a bonding moment) an unlimited amount tanning package so she can go every single day and get real crispy.

2)    Lay out in the sun for hours upon hours, make sure to get both sides of your body, you don’t want any un-sightly tanning lines.

3)   Option 1) and 2) with a tanning accelerator would be great for really prune like and leathery skin.You might even add the chance of getting melanoma spots that you will have to get burned off which could potentially lead to white spots on the skin or cancer.

4)   Try not to wear any sunscreen at all. It takes too long to put on anyways, why bother, you earned those sun-spots like you earned your wrinkles!

5)   Make sure to avoid the 5 minutes it takes to do a skincare routine…especially a good moisturizer, ugh…what a waist of time.

6)   Just wash your face with a bar of soap that has loads of alkaline in it, (Irish Spring is a good option) that way you can strip your skin of all its moisture every day! Yes!

7)   If you had acne in your 20’s and you are now in your 40’s with NO trace of acne- you should definitely keep using the same anti-acne routine so your potential fine lines and wrinkles can show up quicker. Oh my word- Oxi pads are the best for this! Also, if you are in your 20’s, it’s like the wonder years- you can trash your skin as much as you want, don’t use any anti-aging products for sure, that way you can look 35 when you are really only 25.

8)   Try smoking! According to, “The nicotine in cigarettes causes narrowing of the blood vessels in the outermost layers of your skin. This impairs blood flow to your skin. With less blood flow, your skin doesn’t get as much oxygen and important nutrients, such as vitamin A. Many of the more than 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke also damage collagen and elastin, which are fibers that give your skin its strength and elasticity. As a result, skin begins to sag and wrinkle prematurely because of smoking.” You guy’s, this is such great news! If you want to make it that much better, just drink a cup of coffee every time you smoke.

9)    This one is going to be an easy step to making your skin look older so you will be really happy. Sleep with your face smashed on your pillow every night so that you can really get those fine lines and wrinkles showing better. You might notice that you are getting them more prominently on one side of your face than the other, so you NEED to make sure to switch sides of your face from time to time so it looks even from side to side.

10) Never ever, ever, ever step foot inside of a “spa,”  or whatever they are called. Getting a facial, microderm, or chemical peel is pretty much the worse thing you can possibly do if you want to make your skin look older.  And people, don’t take any skincare professional’s advice on their skincare recommendations, that’s just ludacris…what does that 28 year old know about skin anyways.


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