Tips and Tricks| Make Your Small Eyes Look Bigger

Want to learn how to make your small eyes look bigger? It’s frustrating when all you see are makeup tutorials for big eyes and you want to be apart of the club. I get it. So, just for you, I have maybe an easy graphic for you to pin on your makeup tips and tricks Pinterest board along with the video from my live makeup tutorial.

Learning how to apply makeup for small eyes is pretty simple, you just need to have the right eye products to make it happen and a little practice. Before we start, though, let me tell you the makeup products you will need to make your eyes appear bigger.

Makeup Products You Need to Make Your Small Eyes Look Bigger

  1. White Eyeliner Pencil
  2. Black Eyeliner Pencil
  3. Eyeshadow Palette With Neutrals
  4. Lengthening + Volumizing Mascarahow to make small eyes look bigger

Makeup Steps to Make Your Small Eyes Look Bigger

  1. Apply a pale and shimmery eyeshadow to your entire eyelid.
  2. Use a brown eyeshadow in the outer contour of the eye.
  3. Apply black eyeliner to the outer upper and outer lower lash line and then go over it with black eyeshadow. My model had eyes that slanted down, so we made her black liner slant up to counteract and bring balance to the eye. That’s not necessary if your eyes don’t slant down unless you want a slight winged liner look.
  4. Next, use a shimmery pale eyeshadow and sweep it on the inner-lower-lash-line making sure that there isn’t a harsh line between the black liner and the shimmery shadow. It should be a gradient blend.
  5. Use a white eyeliner in on the lower rim of your eye.
  6. With a volumizing and lengthening mascara, sweep two or three coats on the outer lashes avoiding mascara towards the inner eye.

    Learn how to make your small eyes look bigger with these simple tips and tricks!

If you have small eyes, just use these simple makeup tips and tricks to make them look bigger!

When you look at your eyes, no matter what eye shape, remember to celebrate. Just because you might have smalls eyes doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate them or feel like you have to do your eye makeup like this every day. Here on Citizens of Beauty…we don’t self-bash! We understand that we are all incredibly unique and that we don’t have to look like clones to fit into this world. With that said, what I love about makeup is that it’s transformative and it can correct or bring out areas on the face that we want to amplify.

Isn’t makeup fun? I love it.
how to make smaller eyes look bigger


How to Make Your Small Eyes Look Bigger Live Makeup Tutorial

Alright, my friends! Enjoy the live makeup know I get a little nutty on there trying to keep it real. Have a great day!



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