Strobing VS. Highlighting Your Makeup

Sometimes I do a legit eye roll when I hear about new makeup trends that suddenly become popular. Have you heard of the new makeup trend called strobing? It’s when you use different highlighting products to illuminate the skin, especially high points on the face like cheekbones and make it look fresh and dewy. Based off of this description, you might be wondering what the difference is between strobing and highlighting your face with makeup. Honestly, I wondered the same thing. So, let me take a moment and fill you in on what the difference is.

Nothing…sort of.

You still apply your highlighting products in the same areas you typically would, but instead of contouring with a bronzer, you use a translucent powder. Basically, you want to be more purposeful with your highlighting and powder helps you avoid looking like a flaming light-bulb. Seriously, that’s it. Basically, “strobing” is just another term for “highlighting” that became popular when the Kardashians used it to describe their makeup. Now the entire world of marketing gurus use the term too, and we magically have a thousand new lines of strobing beauty products from cosmetic companies.

Well anyways, now that you heard me rant. I will tell you the positive side of this “new” makeup trend. Ultra-contoured faces are out, and illuminated faces are in. Praise God and finally, it’s about flipping time.

I am a big fan of the illuminated, highlighted, strobing makeup look because (when not overdone) it can make your skin look younger. Highlighting brings light to the face and pops out dark areas where fine lines and wrinkles have gathered. So really, it’s a great trick if you want to look a little younger or if you just wanted to be on trend with the rest of society’s new makeup look.

Want to know how to strobe your makeup and what products you should use? Let me tell ya. First off, you may already have some strobing makeup products at home that say something like, “Hey, I highlight your face.” If so, make sure these products match your skin tone and have a sheen to them. Let me clarify, though, this is not a sparkle fest. If you see chunks of glitter in your highlighting product, run away friends, run the heck away.
Here some strobing and highlighting makeup products to check out for your skin tone.

strobing vs. highlighting your makeupLight Skin: Jouer Luminizing Liquid in Golden

Medium Skin: Jouer Cosmetics Highlighter in Champagne

Olive Skin: NARS multiple Bronzer

Dark Skin: ‘Touche Éclat’ Radiant Touch in Toffee

how to strobe your makeup

So, let’s talk about where you should place your highlighting products on the face. You just want to apply it lightly to the high points of your face. Check out the list below of areas you should strobe your makeup.

  1.  Above the eyebrow
  2.  Top of cheekbone
  3. Bridge of nose
  4. Above upper lip line
  5. Center of the chin.

strobing your makeup

If you choose to become a strobing pro, you should pay attention to how much product you apply. You do not want to look like a human disco ball. Make sure that your other face products that you use are not overly illuminating. So for your foundation and blush, try to keep these on the matte side of town to avoid the above products for highlighting and strobing the face

For my strobing look, I used the Laura Mercier Photo Edition Foundation, concealed with the DIORSKIN Nude. Then I highlighted the high points of my face with the Jouer Highlighter in Champagne, used the MILANI powder blush, and powdered with the KOH GEN DO Malfanshi powder.



Now that you know the difference between strobing and highlighting your makeup…go strobe.
Have a great day!
Xo, Kendra

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