How to Use the Shockingly Bright Urban Decay Electric Palette

Well, seeming how most of the world already owns the Urban Decay Electric Palette, I thought I would show you how I used it for myself and the eye designs that I came up with. If you are not familiar with the Urban Decay Electric Palette and this is your first time hearing about it or seeing it, it might feel like something straight from a 1980’s makeup boutique. But, don’t let this bright, bold, and colorful palette scare you away from trying it out (I am 30 and kind of am obsessed with it). Just because it has crazy colors, doesn’t mean you have to have rainbow eyes and look like the scary person from the cosmetic counter…not trying to judge…but you all know what I am talking about. ANYHOW- let’s start with my review of this playful, neon colored palette and then we will talk about how you actually could use this every day.


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Yeah, ok…if you are use to neutrals, I can see how this palette might make you shut down your computer and run for Bobbie Brown just to feel normal again. But hang with me though…maybe this isn’t for you, but could it be for someone you know that you know would wear it? To me, the Electric Palette is a makeup artists dream come true. I could have used this when I was in the midst of doing my eye design book that is chalked full of 500 different eye design looks. Yeah…500.


Brand Overview: “Chaos-inducing color—in ten VELVETY shades. Inspired by Chaos (a brilliant matte blue from The Vice Palette), we created the ultimate fix for color addicts—packed with ten of the brightest, most amazing shades you’ve ever laid eyes on, plus a double-ended brush. In addition to Chaos (yes, it’s back!), this palette marks the return of Revolt (a silver standout from our Anarchy Face Case). All the other shades are NEW!”

My Thoughts: All of these colors are extremely gorgeous, and super, super pigmented. I really liked every color in the Electric Palette and thought they were all relatively smooth and easy to apply except for the Thrash and Salvage which were both a little chalky and powdery. I found that if I was careful with it though and used a primer, all was well.

Price Tag: $49.00


neon eyeshadows swatches



All of these swatches are really true to color and look the exact same on the eye. They are all very blendable, but I will say that the Slowburn eyeshadow will stain your eyelids a bit if you don’t use a primer. So definitely use a primer when using this palette.


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Like I said up top, this is a very bold palette which mean it will create bold looks. If you are scared about using it, here are 5 tips that will help you feel more comfortable giving the Urban Decay Electric Palette a try.

1. It’s just makeup…if you hate it, take it off. This palette is not a life time commitment. Don’t be scared and just give it a try.

2. Use this in small doses. Maybe try using the poppy, spring-summer shade Thrash on your lower eyelid, blending it out with the color Revolt. This is soft and subtle.

3. You can use these as an eyeliner as well by using a damp angled liner brush and placing it close to your lash line. This will bring you a little color without fear of looking like MiMi from The Drew Carey Show.

4. My biggest tip for wearing these colors is to make sure that you blend, blend, blend, blend, blend, blend, and blend some more. My fave. blending brush is from Jane Iredale and I can’t live without it.

5. If you absolutely feel like you might have an anxiety attack walking out the door wearing such bright colors you need to: a)read my blog post from Saturday on anxiety b) take a deep breath and say to yourself out-loud, “this is not permanent and I only live once” and c) maybe just wear it inside until you can manage looking at yourself in shades other than beige and pale pink.


Overall Thoughts & Opinions

Trust me, I know that the Urban Decay Electric Palette is not for everyone. But I do think it’s okay to play a little, and to have fun experimenting with different colors. If you do end up picking up this palette, do me a favor and take an Instagram shot and tag me in it (@citizensofbeauty)…I want to see!


Hope your Monday is going amazing! Have a great day you guy!



note: I bought this palette with my own cash-flow.

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