How To: Wear it All Tucked in

Flip through any fashion magazine in the past month and you will see it: tops tucked into bottoms. At first, the whole tucking in thing seemed completely ridiculous to me and slightly reminiscent to elementary school when that was the only way you wore your shirts. But, as is my way to give everything a chance, I rocked the tucked in look until I could wear it with confidence. Here are some tips to follow this trend.





















1. Create Balance: Tuck a long loose shirt into some slim fitting skinny jeans paired with some heels. This look will make your legs look really long especially if you throw on a thin belt. Chunky belts can tend to block your body into pieces and if your jeans don’t hit you high enough you’ll be cut in half.

2. Grab a Skirt: High-waisted skirts are the easy way to embrace the tuck-it-in style because they are designed to be worn with your top tucked in. If you are larger around the middle, choose a skirt that goes almost to the bust-line as it will function more like an empire waist dress against your top. If you are bold, choose a pencil skirt in a bright pattern. When choosing a high-waisted skirt you really need to be aware of how the piece fits not the size the tag says. Pencil skirts tend to be tight on my tummy, but loose everywhere else, so I go a size up to hide my tummy and wear a belt to make up for the loose spots everywhere else.

3 .When in Doubt, Tuck it in: If you think you can wear it tucked in, you probably can, but don’t force the trend to work for every piece you wear. Choose longer tops that are light weight to complete the look, if the top is too heavy, it will add bulk not create a nice waist, which is the ultimate goal of tucking things in.

4 .What Pants: I love high-waisted pants, but I have more and more people tell me that they can’t pull them off because of their body type. To that I say stop complaining and start trying. But you do not have to embrace high-waisted pants just to wear the tucked-in look. You only need to create balance like we stated above. I love to do this with a skinny pant and a loose shirt, but it also works the other way around: take a wide legged pant and pair it with a form fitting top. Presto!

5. Hide Behind a Cardigan: If you aren’t ready to rock the look fully exposed, throw a loose cardigan over the top of your tucked in look. Sometimes we just need a mask to hide behind when trying a new trend for the first couple times, and a cardigan is just the thing to hide behind when doing the tucked in look. Choose a longer cardigan that hides your backside, but doesn’t drown you.


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