How to {Re}Wear It Well

 How do you avoid looking like you just cannot keep up with the current trends while wearing the popular retro inspired pieces? We all know when we have seen it. We all just can’t seem to explain it. It happens to even the best…well no just to some of us.You know what I mean! As much as I would love to say I can wear every piece of vintage clothing I inherited from my grandma, some of it just won’t do. It has less to do with with the clothing and a lot to do with the way you put pieces together. Here are a couple tips to help you avoid just looking old:

1. If it wasn’t a great piece then, it won’t be a great piece now. This strategy goes to explain why some of those jackets you’ve been holding onto since the 80s still haven’t come back into style. A jacket with shoulder pads may have been all the rage in 1983 but please do not equip history to repeat itself with this one. Choose the updated approach to old trends by pairing them non traditional options: calf-length skirts with a t-shirt and feminine blouses with denim. The final line here is that if the piece didn’t fit well when it was new, it won’t fit well when it is vintage.

2. Choose the Right Accessories: Don’t go over the top in this category same as you wouldn’t in your everyday makeup routine. If you are wearing a pair of great vintage glasses, like the thick framed Ray Bans that are popular right now, you don’t need to choose a vintage look for the rest of your accessories. One or two well chosen items can really polish off a look.

3. Avoid Looking Like an Infant: Vintage can look childish if it incapsulates too many bows, florals and pleats. Trust me, I love florals! I own an amazing floral maxi dress, but floral capri pants harken back to junior high and are a no go for me. Put femininity in its place by making it work with the rest of your life. Don’t let it drown you.

4. Know when to walk away from pleats: Trousers with pleated fronts were from a time when not a lot of business casual clothing existed for women. That time has passed and we are on to better frontiers with flat front pants that make you look slimmer–but pleated pants have their time and place. Tuck a t-shirt into a pair, with a slim belt and a long open cardigan with some flats and you are rocking the updated retro.

5. Make sure it fits you well: This is a huge one for clothing new or old. A lot of fabulous dresses existed back in the day, but the cut may not be great for your body now. Same goes for jackets and skirts. You shouldn’t be swimming in a great peacoat just because it was your grandmas. She gave it to you to wear, so get it altered and wear it!


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