Humid Weather Beauty Product Essentials


This past week my husband and I traveled to Austin, TX. Oh-my-word, I think I went to taco heaven. Taco carts in Austin are like coffee carts in Portland…they are on every flipping corner. I also experienced a bit of real southern BBQ which was kind of weird at a place called Rudy’s with some new friends of ours (you know who you are). I am talking a BBQ joint, gas station, and country store all wrapped up into one. The good news is that despite the fact that I ate my food on a peace of wax paper (random), the food was surprisingly good and totally not sketch.

Enough about taco carts and BBQ, let’s talk about how the humid weather in Austin made my hair into a frizz bomb and my skin into a slick mess. I definitely needed to adjust my Portland beauty routine to be more “humid weather friendly”–here are the 5 beauty tricks I used to stay looking fresh in  Austin’s  humid weather.


1. To keep my hair from frizzing out the second I stepped outside, it was essential to use a hair serum that focused on being anti frizz. I applied the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum to my damp hair, used a blow dryer with a round brush, then topped off my ends with a teeny bit more of the serum. Another item I like to keep in my purse for humid days is the Paul Mitchell spray wax, it helps keep the fly aways down without weighing down my hair. (If you don’t have time to do the whole hair thing- a cute hat is a quick fix.)

2. While I love using foundations that make my skin look fresh, duey, and illuminated– it’s probably not the best choice for humid weather. Instead- I opted for the Matte Moisture Tint by Jouer Cosmetics which gave my skin the perfect balance of glow and not grease.

3. Oil blotting strips was my best friend, I kept them in my purse at all times. Check out the E.L.F oil blotting strips, they are only $1.00…best-buy-ever. 

4. Instead of using a moisturizer, I used the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder that has hyluronic acid as its main ingredient. Hyluronic Acid helps your skin retain moisture so you won’t feel dry and in combo with the humid weather, I didn’t feel oily either! And although I did skip the moisturizer, I didn’t skip the SPF. I used the Skin Balancing Daily Defense SPF 30 by Paula’s Choice. It gives your skin the sun protection it needs all while leaving your skin with a matte finish.

5. Use waterproof/sweatproof/long-wearing everything: mascara, eyeliner, blush. Anything you don’t want making a mid-afternoon slide down your face should be a waterproof version. Some of my favourite waterproof finds come from Makeup Forever and Tarte Cosmetics. Check out the Amazonian Clay collections from Tarte and the Aqua collections from Makeup Forever.

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