I Got My Lips Injected with Volbella

*This is a collaboration with Allergan Cosmetics, all thoughts and opinions are that of my own. I did not pay for my injections.

Last week,  I got my lips injected with the dermal filler Juvaderm Volbella XC and I love it. Allergan contacted me and asked if I would be up for some injections with Volbella and I said yes because I really wanted my lips done. I think the biggest questions people have regarding adding volume to lips with an injectable is, if it’s safe, will it hurt, will they look swollen, and will people think they look fake. I am going to show you my Volbella before and after picture of what my lips look like and talk about the good and bad of having this non-surgical procedure done. I wanted my lips to look natural with just a little extra volume and the Dr. I went to here in Austin, TX did just the right amount.

natural lookking lip injections

Why I Wanted my Lips Fuller with Juvederm Volbella

I’ve tried to lip plumping lipsticks and the beauty gadgets that plump up lips on demand. But all of those lip volumizing tricks last a few hours and honestly, I want my lips to look full all the time. I like the look of Kylie Jenners lips and of course, Angelina Jolie, but I’m not them and it would look weird on my face. I just wanted my lips to look like an amplified version of themselves; not overdone. And yes, I’ve tried other lip injections before, but the effect didn’t last very long.

juverderm volbella lip injections

How Bad Does Lip Injections with Juvederm Volbella Hurt

Honestly you guys, I’ve given birth to three children. On a scale of one to ten and keeping in mind my previous sentence, it wasn’t bad at all and I will place it at a two. Before I had my lip injections with Volbella, board-certified ATX injector, Dr. Lain, numbed my lips with a topical cream to lessen the pain of the initial prick of the needle. He asked if I wanted a nerve blocked prior to having  my lip injections, but I declined. Juvader Volbella XC has lidocain in it, so each poke of the needle makes the feeling of the actual needle go down.

lip injections with juvederm volbella xc

Bruising and Swelling with Juvederm Volbella Lip Injections

I have bruised before in the past with lip injections, but this time, I had no bruising at all. My lips were a little swollen and pretty sore, as in, sore enough that having them accidentally side-swiped by a toddler didn’t feel the best. But the pain and swelling wasn’t terrible and only lasted a few days.

lip injections with Juvederm Volbella by Allergan

Do I Like My Juvederm Volbella Results

volbella lip injections before and after for natural look

Yes! I am obsessed with the natural fullness that I got from using the Juvader Volbella XC. I especially love that this injectable won’t metabolize as quickly as other injections formulas. I can expect for this to last an entire year which makes it worth it to me.

Check out my interview with Dr. Lain at Sanova Dermatology in Austin, TX.

lip injections with volbella before and after

Who is a candidate for having their lips injected?

Anyone who wants either more definition, volume, or both, provided they do not have an allergy to any of the filler ingredients, or lidocaine.  If you have a history of cold sores, it is advisable to start medication to prevent a flare 1-2 days prior to the lips being injected.
What makes Juvaderm Volbella different from other lip injectables?

Juvederm Volbella contains VYCROSS technology, which means that it is comprised of two versions of hyaluronic acid (90% high molecular weight and 10% low molecular weight), along with proprietary cross linking of the molecules.  The filler is thin and malleable, making it a perfect, natural solution for lip definition and volume, along with treating the fine lines around the mouth.  The cross linking gives it the important properties of both long-lasting duration and less swelling compared to other fillers.

What should someone who has never had injections before expect?

Expect a few days of slight swelling and tenderness after the procedure, but this is easily managed with ice and/or mild pain medication.  Bruising can occur as well, which may last 5-7 days on average. Limiting alcohol, aspirin, vitamin E, and ibuprofen prior to the procedure limits the risk of bruising.

Is this product safe for the body?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance, present in the skin, joints, and many other parts of the body.  Therefore, this product is extremely safe for the body; complications with fillers such as these are usually caused by incorrect injection technique or placement rather than the product itself.
How long will Juvederm Volbella last?
It is approved by the FDA to last for up to a year.

If you are looking for a provider in your are, you can find a volbella lip injector HERE. If you live in the Austin, TX area, I highly recommend going to Sanova Dermatology and seeing Dr. Lain.



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