Ilia Beauty Organic Makeup Must Haves

Organic makeup from ILIA Beauty is a new found makeup love. If you are on a quest for healthy makeup and cruelty-free makeup brushes, check out this brand. From the sleek packaging to the innovative ingredients, this new makeup collection is a dream. Below you will find the basic makeup essentials from Ilia Beauty and why you need them in your life.

I love when healthy organic makeup is good enough to want to wear. Because let’s be honest here, some-just-don’t-cut-it and even more, the packaging is usually terrible (that was mean..sorry). Let’s check out these beauty basics from ILIA Beauty.

Ilia beauty makeup is the connection between organic beauty and contemporary fashion. Check out this gorgeous collection.

ILIA Beauty Organic Makeup First Impressions:

Here are some cool facts about Ilia Beauty that I think are super note-worthy. Their packaging is recycled Aluminum which is very earth friendly. Then, all of their makeup ingredients are 85% Bioactive Organic which is great for you green and non-toxic makeup lovers. My first impression is that if great packaging means a great product…I am in.

Alright, let’s check out the ILIA Beauty products that I have on the blog today.

Ilia Makeup Review and organic inspired beauty.

ILIA Beauty Organic Makeup Products Must Haves

Here are the ILIA Beauty products I am showing you today. Get excited! They are gorgeous.

  1. ILIA Makeup Brushes
  2. ILIA Illuminator
  3. ILIA Translucent Powder


Ilia vegan makeup brush review

ILIA Beauty Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes to Try

Sometimes with Taklon makeup brushes, the fake bristle hair factor is very evident because they suck at blending makeup. What’s great about these cruelty-free and vegan brushes is that they are made out of High-Grade Taklon, and there is a definite difference. Here are the three that were sent to me from ILIA Beauty and they are gorgeous.

  1. New ILIA Beauty Finishing Powder Brush #5: I love the beautiful brush handle and the way that the powder brush glides over the skin. It not only feels great on the skin, but it applies powder and even blushes, beautifully. Price//$44  Availibility// Net-A-Porter
  2. ILIA Beauty Concealer Brush: This is a great brush for creamy concealers. It picks up concealer easily and applies it even better. Sometimes with Taklon brushes, you don’t’ get that. Yay for vegan brushes that work! Price//$30  Availability// Here
  3. ILIA Beauty Perfecting Buff Brush: Here is one brush that does a lot. It’s perfect for applying foundation, highlighters, and even cream blushes. It buffs the makeup product right into skin for a flawless complexion. Price//$28  Availability// Net-A-Porter


ILIA Beauty Organic Makeup Illuminator Sway


ilia-makeup-review-bronzer Ilia Makeup Organic inspired beauty

You know, I am a huge illuminator fan. Anything that causes the skin to glow is something I need. Check out the sun-kissed organic makeup product from ILIA Beauty called Illuminator Sway #22. Eeek! You can’t tell me this little piece of sunshine heaven isn’t swaying you to snatch it up. Even though it currently fall/winter, that sun-kissed glow still works if you don’t go over-board. That’s why using a tinted bronzer like this will give you a perfect look. Apply a little bit to the apples of your cheeks and little touch to your eyelids for the perfect look.

On the flip side of this beautiful illuminator, it doesn’t stay on the skin for very long. I would say that it lasts for a few hours before having to reapply. It’s small enough though that toting it around in a travel beauty bag isn’t a big deal.

Price// $34 



Ilia Fade into You Makeup Organic Beauty

ILIA Beauty Organic Makeup Fade Into You Finishing Powder

There are a few thing’s that I love about the ILIA Beauty finishing powder. First off, all of the powder is contained inside the brush, which means way less of a mess. You just start blending the brush onto your skin and the powder starts to disperse. Second, this translucent powder has a blend of organic powder, Aloe Leaf Extract, Passion Fruit, and Rosemary Oil. When I use this makeup product, it makes me look less shiny in the areas that I want it to because the brush head is smaller. Plus, this is perfect for on-the-go beauty.

Price// $34

Availability// Beautylish

Who Should Buy IlIA Beauty Organic Makeup

If you are on the hunt for cleaner, non-toxic, or less-toxic beauty products that have an Organic bent, you should try this out. I think that the beauty industry is starting to take note that people want products that are also healthy for the skin. So, this certainly will stear you in the right direction.

If you don’t really care about your makeup being Organic, this is still a great product to have. It’s simple, innovative, and the brushes are ah-maz-ing.


Try out ILIA Beauty for yourself right HERE.


Kendra Stanton

Austin, TX Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert

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