Kate Somerville Launches New Skincare Products


Kate Somerville just launched some brand new and exciting skincare products that you need to know about. From a resurfacing retinol treatment to acne fighting snap swabs, and even a new cleanser, there is something new for everyone. So, skincare fanatics, pay attention, you might just find yourself a new must-have for 2016 after this product review.

New Kate Somerville Skincare Products 2016

If you are looking for a new wrinkle remedy, then the Kate Somerville DermalQuench Liquid Lift will be your new favorite. Retinol is an essential anti-aging ingredient for anyone looking for serious results. But the cool thing about this product is that it doesn’t just have retinol, it also has ADVANCED HYDRAFIL COMPLEX™ for wrinkle-relaxing, Hyaluronic Acid, and botanical extracts that increase skin radiance. All of this together helps with better skin texture, skin elasticity and firmness, and fine lines and wrinkles.

Kate Somerville Dermalquench Retinol review

I have been using the DermalQuench every night after I wash my skin for a month now, and while my skin is already in good shape, I love my results so far. Right away, I experienced some major blackhead de-clogging on my chin area. I also noticed that my overall skin texture was much better, and the annoying Milia I had around my eyes were loosened and easily extracted.

Kate Somerville Dermalquench retinol

To use this product, you shake it first and then dispense a pea size amount on your hand (it comes out like foam). Then you apply it to clean, dry skin and let it dry. If you have never tried a retinol before, I would highly recommend using it every other day until your skin becomes acclimated. You will notice some flaking of the area, which is standard for any retinol. To me, it just means it’s doing a job well done. If your skin flakes excessively, try backing off the product and using it only once or twice a week.


Eradicate snap swabs review
If you are already a fan of the EradiKate Acne formula, then you will love the new EradiKate Acne To-Go treatment. This acne-fighting fan favorite is now available in snap swabs which are a new way of doing blemish control on the go. You just snap the swab at the blue line and tip the alcohol towards the pink swab until the end fully saturates. Then, you apply the sulfur and AHA formula to that pesky zit and EradiKate it.

Honestly, I don’t get many blemishes anymore, but trust me, I had major acne in my early 20’s that was emotionally hard to go through. It would have been so cool to have a mess-free product like this back then that I could tuck in my purse for moments when I saw a zit start to appear. It’s always better to manage a zit at the front end then to deal with a scar on the backend from not treating it right away.

Kate Somerville Gentle Daily Wash Cleanser review

Now let’s talk about the Kate Somerville Gentle Daily Wash cleanser that’s Sulfate-Free. It contains Soapbark Tree extract, which helps to cleanse the skin naturally, Lavender essence, Bergamot Oil and Natural Sage Oil. It’s formulated to be gentle yet effective in cleansing the skin of impurities while keeping it soft and hydrated.

If you are a Lavender fan like me, you are going to love the refreshing scent of the Gentle Daily Wash. It smells like a lavender garden and leaves your face smelling and feeling cleansed and refreshed. If you have dry or sensitive skin, definitely give this cleanser a try.

To those of you who are looking for a new anti-aging treatment, the Kate Somerville  DermalQuench gives you the results you want. And- if you know an acne sufferer, or you are one, the snap swabs are genius. Obviously, the cleanser would work for any skincare snob that wants to maintain having fabulous skin. Good skin starts with good cleanser…in my opinion.

Right now you can find these products at Katesomerville.com or at Nordstroms.com where there is a gift with purchase and free-shipping always.

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