Katy Perry ET Makeup-HOW TO

Everyone has been talking about Katy Perry’s makeup looks from her ET video. It is absolutely beautiful, creative and breath taking! So of course I had to try and re-create one of her 3 looks in the video. I will try another look from her video later this week.

So here is her picture with my own version of her makeup. Clearly I look nothing like Katy Perry, and we have entirely different face shapes. But all together I was happy with how it turned out. It took me an hour total to do this entire look. I will write a step by step of how I did it. Sorry no tutorial, I have had lighting issues, so that will be taken care of this week and then I can officially start my tutorials! Excited!

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1-Apply Foundation- I used Makeup Forever HD foundation.

2- Use Derma Wax to block out eyebrows. Just take a flat makeup brush and smear it over the brow. Then take powder and set it. Next use concealer, powder, concealer, powder until gone(ish).

3-Use white Ben Nye cream and apply to entire eyelid, lash line to under brow. Set with white eyeshadow

4-Take brown eyeliner pencil and make straight line starting on the upper inner nose bridge and drawn down about a quarter inch. Then curve inward into your natural crease. It will look like you have just drawn a line.

5- Next take a clean flat brush with sharp edge and blend the line downward and inward, staying within the crease. Remember to keep wiping off your brush so that you don’t smear but get a precise blend.

6- Now for the liner- yay! start with a med brown and make your outline starting from inner corner of eye and tracing along the lash line. Next is the tricky part, extend past the lash line and stay with the natural curve of the face to create that long line.  Then go under the lash line and connect the bottom line with the top line. The under line should go down about a quarter inch as well, when you do step 7 make sure to allow the brown to show through a bit.

7- So now that you have your sketched liner you will want to grab either a sharp, black eye pencil or use what I used, the black Ben Nye Cream. I applied this with sharp and skinny liner brush (not angle brush), starting passed the inner lash line (tear duct area) where your natural inward curve is and following my sketched line. Makeup sure to do this top and bottom, connected the upper and lower lash lines. Also please note that I went back several times (used lots of q-tips) to make sure I had the line I wanted.

8- Go over your black liner with a black eyeshadow to stop any smudging.

9-Take a black pencil liner and trace the water rim (upper and lower) to give eyes depth and then apply your mascara.

10- You can always sharpen any line by using your white cream with a flat and non fuzzy brush.

11- Brow time! You should already have your brows blocked. So just create a new brow by starting with your natural brown line, making it go straight across to match the length and curve of the extended liner below.

12-Apply your blush to apples of the cheek. This is not a strong blush, so don’t go crazy.

13- We of course can’t forget to add the  random, yet symmetrical spots. They are meant to match on both sides of the face but not be perfect in shape. So- I just looked at the picture of Katy Perry and tried to match them. I used brown shadow and a small shadow brush for the spots of the forehead and cheek area. I used the same brush (cleaned it entirely) and created the white spots on eyelid with the white, Ben Nye cream.

14-Lips, lips, lips. Use a golden bronze lipstick or lipgloss to finish the look.

15- If you want to be super cool, add the braid!

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