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Yup, I am one of those people that follow the Kardashians and watch their reality show’s when I have a free moment and it happens to be on (you know you secretly like them too). I am always, always checking out their makeup, and more specifically, those flipping lashes. And because they are known for those lovely-licious lashes, it was a no brainer in my opinion, for them to come up with a line of falsies themselves along with their makeup line, Khroma Beauty.



When I first spotted the Khroma Beauty Lashes, the flirty lash set was what really drew me in. Check out how these lashes criss cross perfectly. I guess when I think of miss Kimmy K’s lashes, this would be it, so it was a must buy for me.



These lashes come with a glue stick that is surprisingly very sticky and works even better than the Duo lash glue in my opinion. When I pulled the lashes out, they were a little stiff so I had to bend them a bit to make them shapable to my eye. I then placed the glue on the lashes and place them as close to my lash line as possible. They were easy to apply and I felt super glam.



I think these lashes pair well with a dramatic smoky eye. What do you think?


To contrast the va-va voom, flirty lash set by Khroma Beauty I just showed you, I wanted to show a set that was more natural looking. Check out the Gaze lashes false lash set; dense in the center, and fanned out on either side.

khroma-beauty-lashes-3These are definitely a more natural approach to a false lash set. I really do think they would be perfect for anyone and any eye look. These were also just as easy to apply as the other lash set.

khroma-beauty-lashes-2As much as I am digging these lashes, I love the flirty lash set far better than these Gaze lashes with this smoky eye. It doesn’t even look like I have lashes on in this picture.

Overall Thoughts, Opinions, and Rating

I actually read some not-so-good reviews on these lashes. People were having a hard time lining them up to their lash line, etc. I really had no problem with them at all, and I loved the design of these even better than my usual Ardell lash choice. My only issue with these is that I don’t think these are real hair (feels like almost plastic…but not in a creepy way), I can’t figure out what they are made of.

Other than that, I think the pricing is reasonable at around $6.50 a piece. Plus, these remove easily, and can definitely be worn way more than once or twice.

Rating: I really like you (4 points)

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XOXO- Kendra (beauty product hoarding….so you don’t have to.)

note* I purchased these sets all by my self with my own cash. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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