Kitchen Beauty: Hershey’s CoCo Bronzer

It’s not every day that I am baking (I don’t really bake unless it’s in a box) and see something that looks like it could double as a beauty product. But while putting together an incredibly easy Paleo dessert, it required me to actually pull out the Hershey’s CoCo that has been chilling in my cupboard for who knows how long. So while putting together a concoction of healthy-chocolate goodness, I gave that CoCo powder a double look, busted out my blush brush and made a totally normal decision to use it as a bronzer.  Normal right? (Just say yes.)

All you need is CoCo and a blush brush.

Pour the coco into the lid, or use an old compact and pour it into that.

Then, just apply it to your face with the blush brush and you will have a non-creepy bronzed look to your skin!

After “discovering” the use of CoCo Powder as bronzer, I went to the web to see if other peeps had discovered the same thing. No, I am not the original genius on this one even though I thought I was. Other bloggers said to use cinnamon to make the bronzer a little less matte. Personally I would refrain from using straight cinnamon on your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. You can also add nutmeg if you want to deepen the color. For me, using just the CoCo was enough for my pasty white skin.

Have a great Monday!

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