KRIGLER UlTIMATE K’Oud 75214 Luxury Fragrance

I feel like I am stepping back into time with this review of the KRIGLER ULTIMATE K’Oud 75214  perfume from the Royal Collection. KRIGLER Luxury perfume began in 1904 and recently re-opened it’s doors in 2008 at the iconic Plaza Hotel in New York City. I feel like I have a piece of history encased in a bottle of swanky perfume, except this is a luxury fragrance for current times. Would it be weird to put on my great grandma’s mink shawl and leather gloves from the 20’s while I write this review of the KRIGLER ULTIMATE K’Oud 75214 fragrance?

Review of the Krigler Ultimate K'oud 75214 Royal Collection

Yeah, I think I am going to. Maybe I will feel like Audrey Hepburn for a moment…apparently she was a client of this luxury perfume line.

KRIGLER ULTIMATE K’Oud 75214 Parfum:

Review of the KRIGLER Ultimate K'oud Parfum

Blended together with the world’s rarest ingredients,the KRIGLER ULTIMATE K’Oud 75214 is an intense and deep fragrance that opens with Cardamom, Black Pepper, Bergomot, and Black Truffle. It then deepens into Oud, Patchouli, bright Yuzu, and a touch of leather. Finally, Sandalwood and Cedar Wood linger on the skin.

Price Tag: $355.00 50ml

KRIGLER Ultimate K'OUD 75214 Royal Collection Luxury Fragrance Review

My Thoughts: I have been wearing this luxury fragrance religiously for a few weeks to see how it mixes with me. I find it odd that the same fragrance can smell completely different from one person to the next. Scents are such a personal thing.

With the KRIGLER ULTIMATE K’Oud 75214, I really did feel like I had stepped back into time, and I think that’s perhaps the goal of this fragrance line.

It’s a gorgeous scent in a luxurious bottle that reminds me of older sophisticated women who still read Vogue, love red lipstick, big glasses, and perhaps appreciate wearing designer everything. Man, I hope I am that cool when I am 30 years older.

With that said, I don’t necessarily think I would wear this perfume for everyday use. And at such a steep price, I would need to know that I couldn’t live a day without it. However, KRIGLER offers private consultations where you can create your own luxury fragrance with the help of a perfume expert. I would be really interested to see what mine would turn out to smell like.

Review of Krigler New York City Ultimate K'oud 75214 Royal Collection Fragrance

Next time I am in New York City, I think I will do just that…but in the meantime, I am not going to take off these vintage gloves my grandma left behind for me.

Xo, Kendra


note* This product was given to me by a PR company, all thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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  • Next time I go to NYC, I must go to their shop in the Plaza and sniff this scent. I love big, deep scents, especially those from perfume houses from the past. I tried an Oud scent at Saks a few months ago, and it didn’t suit me, but it was “in the right direction”. I would love to sniff what this one is like. Great review

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