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Anyone watch the bachelor last night? Talk about a serious cry-fest for me…I even instagramed the effects this episode had on my emotional status. It’s a little over-the-top when you are doing the gasp for air ugly cry over a television show. And lets be honest- I won’t be shocked if Sean and Catherine break up in a few months anyways (although secretly I am just saying that so I can jinx the situation and I can be pleasantly surprised if/when they really do live happily ever after). While I wish this opening had anything to do with what I am blogging about today, it doesn’t. Just had to get it off my chest- and what better way to do that then on my own blog. Moving on–lets have a little lipgloss chit-chat.

I really don’t know many girls that don’t like a good lipgloss, and if I do, they are usually 65+ (maybe a generational thing). For some reason, high-shine, glossy lips that could rival a reflector on the side of a road makes me (and  maybe you) feel a little bit more sexy, attractive and perhaps a little more kissable. At least the kissable part has been tried and true, my husband is a full on fan of some seriously over-glossed lips. But since I am not a fan of the gloss strings that stick from your top lip to your bottom, I tend to buy lipgloss that is non-sticky and mostly sheer in texture and color.

This week I was on a quest to find a few more glosses that I could incorporate into my life. I asked you guys on my Facebook page and my instagram page what lipglosses you prefer and like. Some we had in common- and some I had yet to try like Buxom, Essence, and Lorac. Below are 10 lipgloss choices that I really like for different reasons…Buxom is not on the list, but only because I didn’t have time to run out and purchase it. I guess that just means I will have to do a second glossy-gloss post. What is your favorite lipgloss?


Cargo lipgloss quad in Oceania


Clinique Superbalm in Grape Tint (no longer available, similar to juicy tubes)


elf Hypershine Lipgloss 


Essence XXXL Shine


Jouer Cosmetics


Korres Lip Butter 


Lorac Tantalizer lip gloss. 


LO’real Colour Riche Lip Gloss

Model Co

Model CO Ultra Shine Gloss

The Balm

The Balm- Balm Shelter


Cargo Lip Quad Swatches

Other Gloss Swatches L to R- Model CO, The Balm, Jouer, LO’real, Essence, ELF, Clinique, LORAC, Korres

What I Like About These Glosses

For Moisture: Korres, Jouer

For Best Ingredients: Jouer, The Balm, LORAC

For Best Price: ELF, Essence, LO’real

For Best Non-Stick: Model CO, Jouer and LORAC

For Most Color Pay Off- Cargo and  LORAC

For Most Sheer and Natural Look: Jouer, Model CO, LO’real

For highest Shine: Essence, Clinique, ELF, CARGO

For most sticky: Cargo


What’s your favorite glosses?


XOXO- Kendra



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